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Zeeq is a brand new smart object that will slip into the heart of your private life: your bed. This is a smart and connected pillow that is dedicated to improving the quality of your sleep and sleep.

There are countless applications for smartphones that are interested in this significant part of our lives that we spend sleeping or unfortunately for some of us to try to do.

Zeeq goes beyond a simple app to slide under the pillow. Zeeq is a pillow. But not a pillow like the others. Just like Moona, another smart pillow that I told you about here a few weeks ago, Zeeq has a whole host of functions that will change your daily life in bed ?

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<p>Zeeq besides the fact that it is very comfortable according to its creators and its first users cache not less than<strong> 8 speakers that will broadcast for you, and for you alone, your favorite music</strong> or ambient sounds to help you fall asleep.</p>
<p>This pillow of the future also offers <strong>an anti-snoring system.</strong> As soon as it detects the characteristic noise, it will emit a slight vibration to make you change position.</p>
<p>Finally, Zeeq is of course connected to an application on your smartphone that will <strong>save an impressive amount of data on your sleep cycle.</strong> I almost forgot, Zeeq also offers of course a wake up function.</p>
<p>The price of Zeeq is not negligible but there is nothing to stop you from sleeping, about 200 Eur.</p>
<p>Zeeq is not yet on sale in France. It is in the United States and Canada. An online English store also offers and delivers in France but it will take an extra twenty euros for shipping.</p>
<p>Link: <a href=Zeeq


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