Withings releases the Pulse O2 which measures oxygen in the blood



Withings is back with a new version of its smart health connected bracelet, the Pulse O2. Its innovation lies in the ability to measure oxygen in the blood.

Withings continues to improve the quality of its smart health connected objects: After launching the Pulse activity tracker almost a year ago, it is back today with a new version, the Withings Pulse O2. As its name suggests, it is now able to measure the oxygen in the wearer’s blood, a real breakthrough in the field of smart health connected health. This will allow asthmatics to quickly see their oxygen level in the blood to take their precautions, but it is also intended for athletes who wish to train at high altitude so that they can optimize their breathing.

Pulse O2: An update to the Pulse offers the same functionality…

That the owners of the classic Pulse do not worry: just update it to also have this new functionality. The other functionalities (pedometer, calories, sleep cycle, etc.) are maintained. Likewise, the design of the Pulse O2 is quite similar to the first version, so there is no reason to immediately upgrade to the new version. For those who would still like to get it, it is available on Amazon and on the official Withings website for €119.95.

As a reminder, here is the presentation video of the Pulse:


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