With Fathom Pro, say goodbye to body aches after running


The Fathom Pro kit uses motion sensors and an AI to save you the pain that most often follows a running session.

The device is designed by Fathom A.I., a startup specializing in innovative sports injury solutions. In fact, it offers personalized support to athletes to quickly recover from a difficult race.

Pro fathom kit for running, sensors on the ankles

Fathom Pro uses motion sensors

Concretely, it is about 3 sensors of movements that one carries on oneself when one makes running. If only the sport is supported for the moment, other disciplines will follow from 2020. More precisely, the sensors are positioned at the bottom of the back and at the ankles.

The data collected includes not only the different movements of the body, but also the forces involved.Fathom mobile app then analyze all this on the smartphone of the sportsman.

In fact, it is not the devices specialized in running that are missing. For example, there is the Stryd. But all the originality of the Fathom Pro is based on his app.

So, the algorithm that she uses identify the weak points of the runner. In addition, she manages to determine how it compensates for a lack of musculature or reduced mobility.

Fathom 2 mobile app

Tips for the runner to improve

As with other sports smart health connected objects, the mobile app associated with Fathom Pro gives you indications to the user to correct his faults. In order to run without problems, she will recommend the exercises needed to improve her fitness or strengthen her muscles.

Apart from that, she is developing a real personalized fitness program. In this way, the body has time to rest and recover after a particularly intense session.

And unlike other applications that only repeat the same routines, this one adopts a more scientific approach. For this purpose, he uses an AI to determine the best program for each user.

The Fathom Pro is already available in $ 299 pre-order on the website of its manufacturer. It should be noted that the price will rise to 399 dollars after its launch. Finally, you will have to pay monthly subscription of 30 dollars (or $ 228 annually) to access the Fathom app.

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