What is the Lg f964j71wrh washer dryer worth?

“All the technological innovation concentrated in this washer-dryer”

Date of last price update May 11, 2022 at 08:13:00

Welcome to our reviews & price comparison devoted to Lg f964j71wrh washer dryer. This model from the LG brand is a 2 in 1 device, possessing one skill at a time innovative (smart health connected device), silent (induction motor) and suitable for great capacities (washing 9kg, drying 6kg).


Lg f964j71wrh washer dryer

Washing efficiency

Drying efficiency

Program diversity

Technological innovations

Energy consumption

Our NOTICE on the Lg f964j71wrh washer dryer

We have chosen to highlight this model on Lg f964j71wrh washer dryer in our top 7 of the best washer-dryers, because on the one hand it has an aspect very innovativeand on the other hand, consumer feedback and reviews are largely positive.

You will first find the 20 different washing programs (some are to be downloaded from the application) that this model counts:

  • Steam smoothing
  • Tissue rehydration
  • Anti-allergy
  • Cotton
  • Quick cotton
  • Synthetics
  • Mixed 40°C
  • Sportswear
  • Delicate
  • Linen care
  • Quick 30 mins
  • Comforter

At the level of the drying programs, the washer dryer LG f964j71wrh understand 3 programs including an ” ready to wear ” , the Normal Eco and one Eco program.

From a point of view technicalthe Lg f964j71wrh washer dryer possesses 4 major technological innovations:

  • the Direct drive induction motor is ideal for a silent washing and less vibration. Without a belt, it works thanks to a magnetic field. The engine is guaranteed for 10 yearsand he is one of the most reliable on the market.
  • The technology 6 Motion Direct Drive works thanks to 6 different movements of the drum to guarantee a better efficiency of washing and a thorough care of the linen.
  • L’LG SmartThinq innovation: allows you to download up to 20 washing programs from a Smartphone application (Wifi on the washer-dryer) and offers the Smart Diagnostics. This system offers the possibility of detect potential failures Where misuseand will notify you on your phone.
  • TrueSteam technology: thanks to steam, the washer-dryer can program specific programs such asanti-allergy (99.9% linen sterilization), the smoothing (makes ironing easier) and thesteam fabric softener (softens laundry without chemicals).
  • The electronic weighing which calculates washing consumption and duration based on the weight of laundry in the drum.

Lg f964j71wrh washer dryer

A washer-dryer ecological with a worked design

On the design side, this washer dryer of the LG brand has a worked aesthetic with beautiful curvesthe colors on the porthole and the control panel. Positioned in the center of the control panel, the knob is surrounded by the name of each program, while on the right, there is a LED touch screen. In particular, it is possible to configure the washing and drying options (option steam, rinse plus, spin and time). The screen displays the time left and it allows you to configure the delayed end for off-peak use.

As the energy label indicates, the washer dryer LG f964j71wrh is rated A. However, like all washer-dryers, it is quite energy intensive. On a combined wash/dry cyclethis washer dryer consumes up to 28,000 liters of water per year and 1224 kWh (based on 200 cycles per year). Technologies developed such as Eco / Fast program the electronic weighing or the presence of the induction motor can reduce this consumption slightly. On the other hand, on a single wash programme, it consumes only 234kw per year.

In summary, the washer dryer LG f964j71wrh is the ideal device for daily washing and drying. It combines the assets in terms oftechnological innovation, technical and silent.

Technical comparison with a standard washer-dryer

The washer-dryer f964j71wrh of the LG brand, has technical characteristics above standard market models. You can compare this washer dryer appliance with our technical comparison.

Technical comparison LG f964j71wrh Standard washer-dryer
washing capacity 9kg 6kg
Drying capacity 6kg 4kg
Consumption 1224 Kwh / year (175 €) 1302 Kwh / year (186 €)
Sound level washing 55dB 62dB
Energy class HAS Goat
Type of engine Induction Direct Drive Standard
Delayed start or end 3 to 7 p.m. 3/6/9 a.m.
Origin of manufacture Korea China
Availability of spare parts 7 years 5 years
Average price 799€ 329€


Lg f964j71wrh washer dryer

Consumers who have chosen this model of Lg f964j71wrh washer-dryer, largely highlight this product. They evoke qualities in terms of innovation, technicality and sound level. It seems obvious to us to highlight our top 7 of the best washer dryers.

The positive points
  • Induction motor (Silent)
  • Large washing / drying capacity
  • smart health connected washer-dryer
  • Easy to use
  • Steam function
The negative points
  • energy consumer

Best price

Date of last price update May 11, 2022 at 08:14:00

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