What is the FAURE fci6560psa induction cooker worth?

“An induction cooker suitable for daily use”

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Date of the last price update on October 17, 2020 at 01:10:00 AM

Welcome to our Review & review devoted to FAURE induction cooker (fci6560psa). This cooker is one of our top 7 best induction cookers. It is for us, the best quality / price ratio. Remember that the brand (Faure) was elected brand the most reliable among the big brands.


Faure induction cooker fci6560psa

Power levels
5.0 / 5

Cooking mode Oven
4.0 / 5

Power consumption
4.0 / 5

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NOTICE | Faure induction cooker fci6560psa

If we have chosen to present this model is because we think it is on the one hand very good from a quality point of view, but also financially affordable since it remains in the low range prices for induction cookers.

First of all, the number of households is 3. We you advise of prefer 3 hearths to 4 for practical reasons. It is indeed very rare to use 4 hotplates at the same time, and having only 3 hotplates allows have a bigger dish on the induction hob.

The power is also important, and the fork from 1800 to 3700w is here high range that you will find in high-end induction hobs. But what is important, it’s here rapidity of temperature rise.

Unfortunately, this criterion is not mentioned in the technical sheets (qbe it Faure or other brands). It’s a shame, because it can make a big difference between two cookers and it would allow compare more easily the models between them.

Anyway, our Review was conclusive on the reactivity of these induction hobs, the rise is rapid. Be sure to use special induction stoves, that is to say magnetized with the plate to adhere well over the entire surface, otherwise it will not work.

Faure FCI6560PSA induction cooker

Faure FCI6560PSA induction cooker


Faure induction cooker fci6560psa

It is, for us, theone of the best induction cookers. His value for money is good, and the quality of the FAURE brand is undeniable today.
Apart from the cooling noise which bothered us a bit, we were surprised by your simplicity of use and rapidity of temperature rise induction hobs.

The positive points
  • The simplicity
  • The rapidity of temperature rise
  • Value for money
  • Pyrolysis
  • The cold oven door
The negative points
  • Slightly small plates
  • The noise of the oven when cooling

Best price

Date of the last price update on October 16, 2020 at 11:00:00 PM

For better realize features present compared to a standard cooker, here is a technical comparison. You will therefore notice that the set of criteria is well above the standard.

Technical comparison Faure fci6560psa Standard cooker
Number of outbreaks 3 3 or 4
Plate power 9000W 6 600W
Boosters 3 3
Plate orders Sensitive Manual
Power Oven 1650W 1,500W
Power consumption 0.89 kWh / cycle 0.95 kWh / cycle
Type of oven Multifunction Natural convection
Cleaning the oven Pyrolysis Manual
Electronic programmer Yes No
Cold door Yes No
Average price 639 € € 249

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