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Vaccination passed, the medical record disappeared – vitabook helps

Many people conscientiously care about a neat documentation of their health care history. Nevertheless, they miss important vaccinations, have surgery files or X-rays are no longer available. vitabook works like a kind of checking account – only that no money is administered with it, but medical data. The health account is initially linked to the health insurance card. Then all interventions and doctor visits are recorded in vitabook. This opens up a variety of possibilities: treating physicians get a quick insight into the medical CV of their patients. At the same time vitabook provides clear transparency for the patient: Which medications have been administered and which procedures have been performed? What success did all these measures have? For the patient this means less effort – instead of hoarding countless medical records, vitabook collects them for them. And the vaccination certificate that does not show up when you need it? Also, you have with vitabook always online.

The right: every patient is allowed to view his health data

Now, of course, the question arises: How do I get as a patient to my health data? Because often the daily medical routine for doctors, nursing staff and ultimately also for the patients is characterized by hectic rush. Enlightenment to a sufficient extent rarely takes place. Everyone has a right to access his medical record. The German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB) clearly states in § 630 g that patients may at their own request have immediate access to their medical record. It is also possible to demand electronic copies of his health history. With vitabook health documents can be viewed directly.

Patients can also view their health data via app

Patients can also view their health data via app

(Life book)

How does vitabook work?

vitabook acts as an account filled with health information instead of money. All health information is in one place – whether at health home or traveling. Vital documents no longer have to be carried. In an emergency, they can be accessed online via vitabook. A prerequisite for this, however, is a registration on the website of vitabook.

For insured persons accession is free. Privately insured persons pay no contribution in the first three months, then 1.95 euros per month. vitabook can be dissolved at any time by the end of the month. During the registration, vitabook first asks for personal data and links the health insurance with the health account. Here also recipes or dates can be called up online. It also provides a health encyclopedia and virtual consultations with the family doctor when providing such a service. In addition, the vitabook team is a member of the Patient Safety Action Alliance.

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Conclusion: order and set up vitabook

As a patient service, vitabook offers a noticeable advantage over your own health data collection. All data is securely encrypted centrally in one place. Never again does the question of vaccinations, check-ups or illnesses arise. Thus, vitabook is a successful upgrade for health documentation and represents a great help – both for one's own health and for the attending staff. Because even information about disease histories, which are far in the past, can be better used.

Disease course and medication plan are centrally available via vitabook

Disease course and medication plan are centrally available via vitabook

(Life book)

Price and Availability vitabook

vita book can be tested for free for over three months. Thereafter, the health insurance for privately insured persons is available for 1.95 euros per month. For legally insured persons, the statutory health insurance company covers the costs.

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