trains your brain to improve your sleep


URGO wishes you a long and restful sleep thanks to its brain training helmet. For this, researchers took 4 years to design URGOnight.

URGOTECH, from the URGO group will launch his URGOnight helmet in 2019. This case helps to fall asleep. Unlike other products of this type, it is used during the day instead of bedtime. Concretely, this device drives your brain with the goal of improving your sleep.

UrgoNight: good news for early risers

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Indeed, seventy-three percent passersby polled say wake up at least once a night and thirty six percent of them declare have at least one sleep disorder. The product of Urgo therefore seems particularly expected.

An innovation inspired by the Philips SmartSleep headband

Use is as simple as a hello. It is worn 3 times a week for 20 minutes. The data collected determines the type of training. Then the mobile app teaches you to activate your protective waves during your sleep thanks real-time feedback. In addition, you can track your progress from your smartphone.

Result, your sleep is supposed to be longer and more restorative. According to the company, there is an improvement after three months of use. Sleeping becomes so forty percent faster and the risk of nighttime awakenings is decreased by fifty three percent.

The helmet will be marketed in 2019. However, it is already possible to rejoin waiting list in order to be one of the first to Review this innovation.

As a reminder, the company URGOTECH was awarded at CES 2019 Innovation Awards. On their account Twitterthey thank the 51 people who voted for them. The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas will discover more in detail this amazing project.

By Natan Madru.


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