The difficulties faced by family carers


In France, continuing to live at home is a wish for 90% of the elderly. It is an essential subject for people with loss of autonomy, but just as much for their loved ones. Indeed, 11 million French people accompany a person with a loss of autonomy, that is at least one in six French people.


The majority of caregivers happen to be family members. However, they do not always have the possibility of caring for their loved one full time because of their professional, geographical, financial or even family situation.

In order to take care of their aging neighbor, they often sacrifice many things to be with him as long as possible.

However, devoting yourself to a person with a loss of autonomy can cause multiple difficulties, especially if the caregiver is not accompanied and must manage everything alone.


The difficulties faced by carers can be manifested in different ways:

  • A weakened health: the caregiver may suffer from physical exhaustion, stress, depression, sleep problems but also a loss of self-esteem, which inevitably affects his daily life.
  • Financial difficulties: When the caregiver is forced to reduce his or her work time or even to resign, this can lead to many unforeseen financial problems.
  • An impoverished social life: In order to care for his loved one, the caregiver loses his free time. This can lead him to reduce his circle of friends and to neglect his family circle for lack of time.
  • A lack of knowledge and practices: The caregiver may lack know-how to better support his aging partner. The tasks of everyday life can become difficult to manage and be a real burden for him.
  • Difficulty to delegate: Getting help from a professional is often one of the best solutions. However, the caregiver does not always feel ready to entrust the life of their loved one to a stranger, even if it is a professional.

If you or a loved one happens to be a caregiver, do not hesitate to ask the help of your friends or a professional to relieve you of the difficulties you may encounter.

In addition, there are home automation solutions that can reassure you. No need to be present all day with your loved one in loss of autonomy to be sure that nothing happens to him. smart health connected objects can help you keep a link with it and be alerted if something goes wrong. This is the solution proposed by absmarthealth.


Marguerite, 76, began to lose autonomy.

"I did not always feel safe and I had a hard time getting around at night. Making more and more use of my daughter who works and who can not be present on request, we wanted to quickly find a solution to secure my habitat.
It was while searching for a solution that we discovered the website of absmarthealth. We have found a real answer to our needs, to overcome our worries of everyday life. "

Camille, her daughter, knows that if Marguerite has a problem, she will be immediately alerted. She can leave her mother with peace of mind thanks to the intelligent habitat offered by absmarthealth.

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