The different types of smart health connected wristbands ⇒ Explanations


What is a smart health connected wristband? First, it is a wristband so an accessory that is put on the wrist. But it is not a simple wristband since it records various information on the body of its wearer. All smart health connected wristbands on the market at the moment can be categorized according to 2 criteria. The different types of smart health connected wristbands will therefore depend on these categorizations.

Categorization according to characteristics

The first categorization is done according to the characteristics of these wristbands. In this case, it is possible to group the smart health connected wristbands into 3 types.

smart health connected wristbands without screen

connected wristband without screenSince they do not have a screen, it is therefore impossible to consult the information directly. Going through the smartphone (using an application of course) is essential for this. They are just meant to capture information. Afterwards, they send them directly to the smartphone. To follow the progress then, you must consult the latter.

However, there are some exceptions. First, the activity that the bearer has already carried out, expressed as a percentage, is transmitted to him directly on the smart health connected wristband without screen. The charge levels of these wristbands are also displayed on themselves.

They are equipped with several LEDs (for some, others use other systems). These are the LEDs that measure the density and duration of the activities.

Those with a screen

connected wristband with screenAs with the previous ones, those with a screen are paired with a smartphone application. When it comes to organizing data such as tables and curves, this application is essential. They also collect information on the user’s activities, diet or sleep.

But they don’t stop there. First, they can be considered as smart health connected watches, especially in terms of functionality. Indeed, their screens (which are tactile or not depending on the model) display the time, but also the notifications from the smartphone. This is about SMS notifications or received calls.

Some models of smart health connected wristband with screen even show the outside temperature or the title of the current music.

The user’s heart rate is also displayed on the screens of some models. It is possible to choose and configure the information given by these wristbands, either directly on themselves or by the application.

Those with sensor

connected wristband with sensorThese wristbands are equipped with a sensor to allow them to assume their missions. For example, motion sensors. These, among others, count the number of steps taken or the distance traveled.

There is also the smart health connected wristband with heart rate sensor. They take the wearer’s pulse in real time. This can be done at a specific time T or permanently (even when the wearer is sleeping). They are in direct contact with the skin.

Categorization according to functions

All smart health connected wristbands can also be categorized according to their functions. It is possible to distinguish 3 types of smart health connected wristbands. It should be noted that a smart health connected wristband can be one of these 3 types at the same time.

smart health connected wristbands that take care of health

health connected wristbandThese wristbands are designed to care for the health of the user. Starting with his diet. It gives nutritional advice so that the wearer can have the best nutrition to maintain good health.

Then, his quality of sleep which is regularly monitored by the smart health connected wristband “health”. The purpose of this is to have optimal sleep.

The heart rate is also taken into account by these wristbands. Whether permanent or short-term, they display this rhythm with great precision.

Those who do sports coaching

connected wristband coachThese smart health connected wristbands are recommended for people who practice physical activities on a regular basis. Whether they are athletic enough or want to take care of their bodies, these smart health connected coach wristbands suit them perfectly. They measure the efforts they provide, such as counting the number of steps they have taken. However, they do not measure only the efforts, but the progress they have made.

Apart from that, doing sports coaching also involves motivating the practitioner. These wristbands use different techniques to motivate the wearer. Among these, they congratulate him if the set daily goal is reached and encourage him if not. They also offer challenges to its user. The daily summaries that they send lead the latter to do better day by day.

Those who are like extensions of the smartphone

They are quite special as smart health connected wristbands. All smart health connected wristbands are always in communication with an application on a smartphone. Nevertheless, these wristbands have features that differ from the others. They are considered to be extensions of the wearer’s smartphone. All the messages and calls that the latter receives are displayed on these wristbands as notifications. The consultation of the mails also can be done on this type of wristbands.


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