The choice of home support


With the advancing age, loss of autonomy appears and becomes more and more important. For the caregivers, the question of the choice of the home support or the establishment in specialized establishment arises then. What is the best choice to make? How to choose and what will be the consequences of this choice?


When they have a choice, seniors tend to want to stay at home as long as possible by adapting their habitat to their loss of autonomy. They fear the placement in a specialized institution and want to delay this moment as much as possible. A reluctance due to the fact that leaving home means losing habits, neighbors, neighborhood and a place full of memories.

However, from the age of 60, the first signs of dependence may appearit is therefore necessary to start thinking about problems that may be related to addiction. It is also important as caregivers to express their own concerns so that the choice of home support is thoughtful and appropriate for everyone.


Opting for home support allows the senior to continue to live as he has always used, without losing his bearings.
Nevertheless, letting elderly loved ones live alone can be a source of anxiety for caregivers. To remedy this problem, home automation makes it possible to adapt the house to the level of dependency of the elderly person so that he can live by keeping a good level of autonomy in daily life and in complete safety.

This is the solution proposed by Objetdomotique by making the habitat intelligent and adapted to the person in loss of autonomy and by making it possible to secure all the danger zones present in the habitat. Since an accident has happened quickly, Objetdomotique offers three packs corresponding to the level of dependency of the elderly person and therefore to his real needs.


In order to equip your loved one’s home with the help of home automation, various options are available to you. Indeed, there are many smart health connected objects that adapt to each habitat, for example:

  • Emergency buttons: that allow your loved one to alert you in the event of a fall or other urgent needs, it is possible to place warning buttons throughout the house that can be used with the touch of a button.
  • The light path: which makes it possible to secure the nocturnal movements, a luminous way can be installed from his room to the toilets for example.
  • The opening detector: that can alert you if you go out at night or when your loved one has not opened his fridge for too long or he forgets to close his front door. It can also help you ensure that no unexpected entry or exit occurs.
  • The smoke detector: which allows you to alert you in case of presence of smoke and thus of a beginning of fire. This allows you to react more quickly when your loved one is not in his habitat or has fallen asleep.
  • The water detector: which alerts you when a water leak occurs whether it is a leak due to a malfunction or due to a forgetfulness of closing faucet from your loved one.



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