The best lock cylinders to protect your front door


The numbers are cold: according to the investigation report "living environment and securityOf the Ministry of the Interior (the last dating from 2018), 569 000 French households were victims of a burglary or attempted burglary of their main residence during the year 2017. 64% of they were made by forcing the door, often poorly secured. Yet today it is easy enough to increase the security of its front door, especially by replacing its door barrel.

I. Why opt for a safety cylinder?

In France, 683 burglaries take place every day on average, which makes a burglary every two minutes! This figure has steadily increased since 2006, and reached a historic peak in 2017 (2018 and 2019 will probably be no better).

Ministry of the Interior statistics indicate that in 64% of cases victims report that a door was forced to enter the dwelling, the most frequent place of break-in, followed by a broken window (22% ).

As expected, it is during the summer period, synonymous with vacant housing, that burglaries would be the most numerous with 30% of annual offenses recorded in the only two summer months. Spring is the hottest season (18%). As for the month of December, it alone records 15% of the facts. Between absences during the Christmas holidays, and gifts at the foot of the tree, it is indeed a very popular time of the burglars.

In short, all this to say that the gateway is already the first element to secure. You have to know that it takes less than 30 seconds to break a conventional cylinder and break in. Yet there are security door barrels that can withstand the various attempts of burglars, from 2 minutes to more than 10 minutes. This resistance to burglary is represented by a safety index, ranging from 1 to 10, which is a good index of comparison.

Admittedly, no cylinder in the world will completely prevent entry, it is a fact, but what matters is primarily to delay the burglar to the maximum to push him to give up, a burglar usually want to act very quickly.

In the field of cylinders, Abus is one of the biggest players, since the German brand is expert in burglary security.

II. Lock Cylinder Abus Bravus 4000 MX: Top Safety

The Cylinder lock bravus 4000 MX is the best model of the German brand, with the strongest protections against new burglars, which earned him a security index of 10/10. It has in fact a very complex system of 15 pins, more than double of a classic version, aligned in 3 vertical and horizontal rows. The wave-shaped design on the third row of the key adds yet another difficulty. This is the ultimate anti-lock security lock!

But after picking, the main weakness of a cylinder is the risk of breakage in the center. The Abus Bravus 4000 MX therefore has an anti-breaking reinforcement bar at the base of the cylinder, and an anti-tearing system: the central part of the cylinder is detached from the inner and outer parts for greater safety. In case of excessive torsion or attempted extraction, the first part of the cylinder breaks while leaving the rest of the cylinder in place. The burglar will then be powerless and will not be able to extract the other part as it would have been possible without this security.

Of course, like the other cylinders of this range, it has also anti piercing and anti bumping protections, in addition to anti-breakage and anti-tearing. The price of this cylinder starts at 129 €, an unbeatable price on the segment of very high-end cylinders.

III. Lock Cylinder Abus Bravus 2000: The best value for money

The lock cylinder bravus 2000 You may not be a stranger, since this is the one I advised you two years ago in my guide to secure your entrywayand who equips my house. Even if the Bravus 4000 MX is a notch above, the bravus 2000 lock cylinder has an excellent value for money, since it is found at less than 70 €, with a security index of 9/10, which is already very honorable.

It is equipped with 10 locking pins active in 2 different rows, which makes it very difficult to pick. It is also protected against drilling, and anti-breakage. If your budget is limited, this is probably the best model.

Both models are delivered with 3 or 4 keys (for the Bravus 4000 MX) disengageable, which will allow to use this cylinder with an electronic lock like the Nuki for example. If you have several doors to secure, it is also possible to have the same key for all locks, on request, even with cylinders of different size, which is extremely convenient to use. Moreover, speaking of size, think to measure correctly the size necessary for your door, many people having bad cylinders, exceeding the door. This is already the first point of fragility to be removed.

If you have not secured your door before the summer, do not forget to do it before the end of the year. Replacement of the barrel can be done by anyone in minutes, and a secure cylinder of this type will significantly reduce the risk of burglary.


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