The appropriations allocated to informatics in the second circular 2019


Addressed to regional health agencies (ARS), this circular, including APMnews (site of the APM International group which is part of TICsanté) had a copy, is dated "October 2019". It completes a first circular dated May 7, 2019.

In total, 468.8 million euros of additional appropriations are allocated. Annex IV of the document details investment in hospital informatics.

It delegates € 3.5 million in non-renewable contractual aid to "support the regional implementation" of the MMR program, which is a reference system for describing the health, medico-social and social resources of a region. It was 500,000 euros that had been released in the first circular of 2019.

The document specifies that the credits must make it possible to implement changes to the MMR solutions "consistent with the national roadmap". It is also a matter of "supporting the settlement of the ROR on the health and medico-social field" and "supporting the deployment of interfaces with the applications of the national ROR circle of trust, the operation and maintenance of the regional solution ".

This funding breaks down as follows: € 1 million for the implementation of the ROR solutions in line with the national road map and € 2.5 million for the regional implementation of the MMR program by the 17 ARS , with a fixed base of 90,000 euros per agency (ie a total of 1.53 million) and a pro-rated variable portion based on the activity for a total amount of 970,000 euros.

In addition, 75,000 euros are delegated to the ARS Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes for the evolution of the ViaTrajectoire patient orientation application, "to implement the expected changes in the framework of the national strategy on neuro-developmental disorders ".

The Simphonie program, which aims in particular to simplify the administrative circuit of the patient, generalized in the regional hospital groups (GHT) since 2017, is allocated 4.9 million euros in non-renewable assistance to contract and 20,000 euros in endowments financial annuals for psychiatry, non-renewable.

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health will also support the call for projects related to IS convergence in GHTs. The second circular thus allocates 7 million euros in non-renewable aid for contractualization.

"If psychiatry GHTs are selected as part of the call for projects, an adjustment between vector helps to contractualization and annual financial allocation for psychiatry will be operated in the third budget circular," said the ministry.

The national support set up provides for the granting of financial support to eligible GHTs subject to "their compliance with the eligibility criteria when selecting the GHT and their justification in the corresponding tools, their compliance with the criteria seed funding (for the 2019 envelope) and in use (for the 2020 envelope) as well as their justification in the corresponding tools, and that the projects are not already subsidized ", details the document.

The terms of the call for projects, the details of which were detailed in an instruction dated 6 September, have a total amount of 14 million euros for 2019-2020.

The call for projects is managed by the ARS. Each agency has a regional envelope available until the end of 2019 for seed and end of 2023 for use. This envelope is calculated according to the volume of activity of the public health establishments belonging to the different GHTs.

Each GHT must apply to the ARS for which its support institution is responsible for one or more projects. Applications are open until Monday, November 18, and GHTs can answer the call online.

Finally, an envelope of 2 million euros has also been released for setting up the GHT purchasing function. This requires "strong coordination between the participating institutions" and "an increase in the efficiency of purchasing processes to ensure continuity of contract production and sustained economic performance", says the ministry.

"The services to be financed cover, on the one hand, support for the definition of this system and the SI-Achat tools and, on the other hand, support for hospital establishments to contribute to the fluid and efficient implementation of these new services. SI-Achat tools, "he says.


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