The 12 health data obtained thanks to the smart health connected objects,

Continuous monitoring of the heart rhythm

The instantaneous measurement of one's heart rate during exercise is delivered by the existing heart rate function on most connected watches and wristbands.

To go further in the medical, it is possible to connect a smart module to a stethoscope, which will allow to transcribe via an iOS application the heartbeat on a screen.

No diagnosis is provided with this device, an electrocardiogram is sent to the doctor via Bluetooth to prevent disease or possible malformation.

Physical activity monitoring

To measure one's physical activity in everyday life is to count steps, distance traveled, calories burned, the number of floors climbed, and more generally all active minutes for 24 hours.

Sleep monitoring

The smart health connected object will record various data and analyze the quality of sleep:

  • sleeping time,
  • percentage of deep sleep,
  • the number of movements during the night,
  • the micro-alarms …

S uivi weight

It is now possible to count the number of calories absorbed daily with a food search tool, or thanks to an intelligent barcode reader directly identifying the product …

Thesmart health connected object iconic is the metric impedance scale that calculates the BMI (body mass index) and the different masses of your body to better understand the distribution of your weight.

There are 6 different masses thanks to the four electrodes placed under both feet:

  • Fat mass: expressed as a percentage and calculated according to the amount of fat proportional to the weight of your body.
  • Lean mass: expressed in kilograms and calculated by subtracting the body fat value from the total body weight.
  • Hydric mass: expressed as a percentage of the total mass and indicating the total amount of fluid present in the body.
  • Muscle mass: expressed in kilos and denoting the weight of the muscles of your body.
  • Bone mass: expressed in kilos and denoting the amount of bone in the body.
  • Visceral mass: expressed in index, fat found in the internal abdominal cavity which surrounds the vital organs of the trunk.
  • An algorithm will calculate an estimate of your optimal daily calorie intake.

Follow-upblood sugar level

This connected meter allows you to know individually and directly blood glucose, control and prevent imbalances (hyper or hypoglycemia) and adapt the treatment of the diabetic user.

Here, the smart health connected object has the status of medical device.

Stress monitoring

A sensor analyzes the user's breathing and deduces his state of mind. He can thus know if he is concentrated, tense or tired. For that, the tracker detects body movements and measures the amplitude and respiratory rate to derive the level of stress.

Combined with other biological signals such as fat and physical activity, this measure provides insight into the psychological well-being of the person. This smart health connected object is called a "pulse oximeter", it is a medical device.

Monitoring of blood pressure

This measurement is done at health home at any time thanks to a connected blood pressure monitor (medical device).

Detection of respiratory disorders and inflammations

New connected tool "magic" for asthmatics, this patch adhesive silicone glue on the torso of the user can detect the inspiration and expiration ratio, in the manner of a stethoscope, and thus identify an anomaly. If so, a haptic feedback (a vibration) is sent to the user. The latter can then take the necessary measures before it is too late for the user, or even activate the rescue …

It is considered that this system is likely to change the lives of the 300 million asthmatics in the world. Remember that 250,000 people die each year, according to the World Health Organization.

D detection and monitoring of cancerous tumors

MIT researchers have developed an incredible connected sensor that will enable them to more effectively fight cancerous tumors. The tiny device will analyze their mode of development and propagation and then retransmit the information collected to the caregiver to allow him to adapt the treatment of the patient based on its results.

Tracking the composition of blood and urine

a smart health connected object is able to analyze the blood and urine of its user with removable modules. By inserting into the base a tab where a drop of blood has been deposited, it will analyze it in detail and quickly communicate the results via Bluetooth to the smartphone. Information may be sent to the doctor or the cloud.

Detection of breast cancer

A connected bra can detect breast cancer: sensors are hidden inside to detect early signs of cancer, without the need for mammography or ultrasound projections. The bra uses heat sensors in the form of patches that measure the circadian temperature changes of the woman in the breast cells.

For this, wear the underwear for 12 hours any time during the day. For a more complete review, it will be 24 hours. The bra was tried by 500 patients and proved functional and accurate in 87% of cases.

Detection of skin cancer

Professor Mariam Sadeghi, from the University of Surrey, Canada, has developed a microscope that clips onto the smartphone to take a close-up photograph of skin stains and suspicious moles.

For a quick diagnosis, it is the tool that was lacking to increase the fight against melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, the importance of early diagnosis is known to increase the chances of survival.

Xiang Qin
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