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  • How will innovation transform the hospital of the future?

    If connected objects are now part of our daily lives, and allow the considerable improvement of our social, economic, or cultural life in a practical spirit, what exactly is it for the improvement of health services in the world?The hospital of the future? Discover  these amazing innovation in the hospital of the future 1) Apple’s […]

  • How to reach clitoral orgasm?

    Very sensitive, the clitoris can take you far when it is tamed. For this, it should be handled gently. The clitoris is often thought of as "the-little-button-on-which-it-is-enough-to-press" to reach theOrgasm. Far from there ! Who wants to seduce him must gently tame him … How to stimulate it to reach clitoral orgasm? Through clitoris, we […]

  • Asthma: how to take better care of yourself?

    Asthma: how to take better care of yourself?

    Spring is coming up and like every year, you are torn: even if the arrival of the beautiful days fills you with joy, you know that the pollens will also be there. If, like the 4 million French people, you have asthma, discover our advice and our smart health connected tips to take care of […]

  • How to clean your mobile phone?

    Handled more than 150 times a day, the smartphone is a veritable nest of microbes. But it is also a fragile device that does not have to be cleaned anyhow. Here are the steps to take and the mistakes to avoid. Handled a hundred times a day on the bus, during meals or after shaking […]

  • How to use multiple Amazon Echo and Echo Dots?

    If you want to know how to use multiple Amazon Echo and Echo Dots distributed in your health home, this article is for you. Using multiple Amazon Echo: configuration First of all, to use several Amazon Echo, it will be necessary to make some configurations. Adding a new Echo to your health home is simple, […]

  • How does our brain sort information to stay focused?

    A noise, a presence, a ringing telephone …, how does the brain make a selection between what deserves attention and what should be ignored? A team of researchers located, visualized and timed this selective sorting system using intracranial recordings. Staying focused is an extremely complex process because the brain is constantly disturbed by stimulation, a […]

  • how to find the right recipe?

    Diets… Adored by women's magazines, they are the haunt of health professionals. But what are we talking about when we talk about the word diet? And how do we find the “diet” that suits us? Naturally yours: "The best diet is non-diet" In this new episode of "Naturally yours", nutritionist Arnaud Cocaul shares his opinion […]

  • How the brain decodes music and speech

    How the brain decodes music and speech

    Recognizing a melody or understanding a phrase does not activate the same areas of the brain, the two hemispheres are not mobilized in the same way, which the researchers already knew. However, this asymmetrical specialization was not explained at the physiological and neuronal level. The sound comes from a complex set of vibrations of the'air […]

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs: how to consume them?

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are valuable pain relievers, but care should be taken not to take them chronically. As their name suggests, the anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs (NSAIDs) are a class of medication that helps fightinflammation via various mechanisms. However, they are less powerful than their steroid counterparts such as corticosteroids. They are generally intended to […]

  • How to choose your garage door?

    [wpsm_ads1] The choice of a garage door is an important point in terms of safety, practice and aesthetics. When one begins to take an interest in this area, one realizes that there are a large number of criteria for choosing a garage door. We will see today how to choose a garage door. If the […]

  • Allergy and desensitization, how is it going?

    Allergy and desensitization, how is it going?

    Pollen, crustaceans, peanuts, mites. The list of allergens is unfortunately long. And to escape unpleasant reactions to the minimum, there are not many solutions. Avoidance is one. Desensitization is another. The nose itchy and runny. The eyes red. Sneezing. In certain circumstances, allergies can actually poison life. In spring or when you are in contact […]

  • Manage your daily stress with this smart health bracelet that knows exactly how to relax

    [wpsm_ads1] At the time of the peak of smart health connected watches, a small bracelet comes to point the tip of his nose. This bracelet is WellBe: an intelligent piece of jewelry that has the capacity to manage the daily stress of the individual wearing it. smart health connected to a mobile application, WellBe will […]

  • Withings customer service: how to get the right contact?

    Withings customer service: how to get the right contact?

    Withings offers connected objects related to e-health. Have you purchased a Withings smart health object and wish to contact Withings customer service? Or do you want information on the brand’s products? We help you find the right Withings contact. Which Withings contact to obtain product information? You are not a customer and you want to […]

  • How much security does Amazon Alexa provide?

    [wpsm_ads1] Alexa – friend or foe? All facts about data protection at a glance The opponents of Amazon Echo speakers described the integrated speech software Alexa shortly after its market launch as a "bug" and "data spy". Of course, this soon brought data protection officers, consumer centers, media representatives and technology experts to the fore, […]

  • How to protect your smart health connected objects?

    [wpsm_ads1] The number of attacks cybercriminals continues to grow. Between ransomware and phishing, both individuals and professionals face real IT security issues. Not to mention the increasing propensity of people to use smart health connected objects. This becomes a real challenge for cybersecurity experts. IoT or the Internet of Things is currently taking on a […]

  • How to Include MySensors v2 Objects in health home Assistant (HASS) – Your Smart Health Projects Guide

    SaveChecked inDeleted 0 smart health connected objects developed using the MySensors library are very well supported by health home Assistant. In this tutorial, we will see how to integrate MySensors projects developed using version 2.x of the library. It is possible to connect directly to a MySensors Gateway or an MQTT gateway. We will see […]

  • how to improve its assimilation?

    how to improve its assimilation?

    Turmeric is recognized for its many health benefits: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, fight against diabetes, etc. Problem: it is very poorly assimilated by the body, which means taking high doses that are difficult to tolerate. A new chemical encapsulation process drastically improves its bioavailability. The turmeric ((Turmeric longa) is a plant of the family of ginger used […]

  • Make Alexa smarter with Alexa Answers – how it works

    [wpsm_ads1] Alexa Answers – Conclusion on Amazon's Alexa Schlaumach project Alexa Answers is fun and strongly reminiscent of a quizz. In the form of a gamification concept, users of the digital voice assistant can increase Alexa’s response quality. The questions presented to users in Alexa Answers are based on their activities and preferences. Of course, […]

  • How Mdoloris Can Measure Pain Through Artificial Intelligence

    [wpsm_ads1] Already present in 66 countries, the northern start-up is housed within the Eurasanté incubator. The company, which has 38 employees, was founded by Fabien Pagniez, holder of a master's degree in health engineering and a graduate of HEC. It is based on research on heart rate variability initiated in 1987 by Professor Régis Logier. […]