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  • Refurbished Airocide APS-200 Now $150 Off! Limited Time Only!

    Refurbished Airocide APS-200 Now 0 Off! Limited Time Only!

    NASA Had A Problem.Airocide Was The Answer. Feeding astronauts on long term space missions required fresh fruits and vegetables to be grown onboard the craft. But, fresh-cut products emit a harmful VOC called Ethylene. How were they going to remove it from the air safely and effectively? Destroy VOCs, Reduce Allergens… The Airocide air purifier […]

  • Aircocide vs Molekule Comparison -Which is better?

    Aircocide vs Molekule Comparison -Which is better?

    In recent months, hygiene has become the topic everyone is talking about. Hydroalcoholic gel terminals have sprouted up like mushrooms in all public places and healthy air is becoming a major issue. Today we are going to be taking a look at two such companies: Airocide and Molekule. Specifically, this Aircocide vs Molekule comparison will […]