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Withings Go is finally available! For only € 69.95, enjoy a complete, versatile and affordable tracker.

Withings, leader in smart health connected health and well-being, makes available its latest activity tracker, already presented at CES 2020 Las Vegas. This relatively easy-to-use tracker has an E Ink screen, which will automatically track your walking, running, swimming or even your sleep.

Objective: get back in shape

With its advanced and intuitive activity tracking, Withings Go will push you to exercise. Linked to the free app Health Mate (compatible on iOS and Android), the smart health connected tracker will serve as your personal coach who will follow you and motivate you to surpass yourself. Goals to set, monitoring calorie consumption, smart reminders or even an interactive dashboard, the application offers a whole range of functions to be used in parallel with its tracker.

Withings Go is aimed at a wide audience here, helping people of all levels to achieve their goals. Available in 5 colors (blue, green, red, black and yellow), it can be placed on a bracelet as well as clipped onto a belt, to accompany the user all day long. Its very low power consumption allows the Withings Go a remarkable autonomy of 8 months, but, on the flip side, the device does not charge. It will therefore be necessary to replace the battery when it reaches the end of its life.

Withings Go Tracker

It will also be necessary to be satisfied with silicone for the material of the product, and not to expect either an integrated GPS.

The company already offered some trackers, the Pulse Ox in particular, at a higher price. The Withings Go stands out with its price of € 69.95, available at Withings.com and soon at partner brands: ehealth, ehealth, Boulanger, Decathlon and Amazon.

This tracker, which is designed to be easy to use and affordable, should allow Withings to reach a wider audience, without limiting itself only to athletes. Find out more!



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