Sony is looking for a manufacturer for SmartWatch 2 (with photos)

Although we were able to take a look at the new SmartWatch at the Sony event for the Xperia Z Ultra at the beginning of the week in Munich, nothing can be achieved with the product. Like the Sonostar smartwatch that we saw at Computex, Sony’s so far is just a mockup, i.e. an empty case without technology.

Obviously, Sony needs even more time to market than we thought. Because like those who are usually very well informed Digitimes reported, the Japanese are currently looking for a manufacturer for their watch in Taiwan. Apparently, Sony wants to bring different versions of its smartwatch to the market at different prices. Every single model should sell a million times.

Manufacturer video for the Sony SmartWatch 2

The SmartWatch 2 should be equipped with a 1.6 inch touchscreen with 220 × 176 pixels. The rumors that a real Android should run on the watch have unfortunately not come true. Instead, the watch connects to smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher via Bluetooth and serves as a second display for the mobile phone. In order to simplify the coupling, NFC is available.

The following photo series shows the mockup of the Sony SmartWatch 2 that Stefan saw in Munich.

Sony launched its next generation of smart health watch this week: the Smartwatch 2. We had the opportunity to take a closer look at a mockup of the watch.

Even if the three buttons below the display are reminiscent of the Google operating system: Contrary to previous rumors, the Smartwatch does not run Android. According to Sony, the software is based on it in the broadest sense, but the watch is not an independent Android device.




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