Snore Circle, the device that will prevent you from sleeping on the couch


Snore Circle is a device that stops snoring. Small and compact, it settles in the hollow of the snorer's ear to identify the sound and vibrate accordingly.

The interest of Snore Circle

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<p style=If you do not see a direct interest, rest assured that your half will see it for you. However, here is a list that might encourage you to adopt this product. First of all, it is compact, lightweight and comfortable to not interfere with your sleep and adapt perfectly to your body type. Then he is suited to you and only you, recognizing your snoring, will directly influence them. Finally, it will prevent you from running away from your spouse or from waking up the plane or train in which you have accidentally fallen asleep. The first day of use this object will learn to recognize your snoring. After one week, it will reduce the frequency. After two weekshe should be able to totally abolish the phenomenon.

This object connects to Bluetooth to the smartphone. It is 62 mm high, 44 mm wide and 13 mm deep. Its total weight is only 18 grams. Its battery recharges in two hours for full use on two nights.

How Snore Circle works

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To use this object just hang it on his ear, turn it on and sleep. Extremely simple, it can be worn to all ages. The developers provide a time of adaptation to their product of about three days to no longer feel uncomfortable wearing it. The application is a little more complex but does not seem necessary to the operation of the device. In other words, it only serves to visualize the data and is therefore not essential for the refractories of technology.

Available under iOS and Android, this application aims to offer you a visual of the quality of your sleep in graph form. It will also provide the statistics about your sleep in terms of duration and quality. You can also see the snoring stopped by the device and those who still persist. Finally, you will be able to make a comparison of your habits with your loved ones by sharing your data.

Snore Circle is currently on a crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Already funded at 576%, you can still contribute to this project until September 29, 2016 and thus preorder your device for $ 89, or 79 euros. Subsequently, it will be sold 103 euros. deliveries are planned internationally in the month of November 2016.

After the Zeeq pillow, the Silent Partner nose clip and the Nora case, here is the headset. More disturbing than the pillow but less than the nose pliers, this product is sold at a reasonable price compared to the benefits it will bring.



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