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Designed to improve comfort, security or simply guide us during our sporting activities, connected devices have been increasingly anchored in our daily lives for a few years. What about the connected smart scale? What is it and especially how to choose it well?


The connected balance is an impedance meter, intended for weighing and evaluating performance. Depending on the model, it measures body mass index, bone, fat, water or muscle mass, and even heart rate. Its real strength? A smartphone or tablet application, connected via WiFi or Bluetooth, on which to set goals and follow your progress. In other words, a connected scale analyzes our body mass to inform us about our BMI (body mass index), our percentage of fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, or our percentage of hydraulic mass.
Connected via Wi-Fi, the connected scale can be used alone or in combination with other connected objects such as our smartphone (iOS, Android and Windows) or our connected watch. The main objective of these “new generation” scales is to help us monitor our weight effectively and regularly and therefore take care of our health.
Usable alone or with a smartphone, connected scales tell us about our body mass.

How to choose a connected scale?

There are several aspects to consider during the selection process. As part of a desire to lose weight, the ideal is to opt for a connected scale that can provide you with all the information in a precise, synthetic and regular manner on the various important indicators to your monitoring such as the body mass.
Some of these scales also offer “coaching” programs, including advice on how to reach the set weight goals. This is the case for example of connected scales such as Aria 2 from Fitbit, Body Partner from Tefal, or Body + from Withings.
Beyond the information provided by the connected scale, other more “practical” aspects such as the display mode or the product design can also be elements to take into account. Some connected scales offer for example the possibility of viewing the display screen directly on your wall, which can guarantee a more comfortable reading.
The price is also, of course, an important aspect to take into account when choosing. For an entry-level connected scale, without much precision, a budget of around € 40 must be provided. On the other hand, the budget linked to a more complete and much more precise connected scale will be on average around € 100 to € 150.

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