These 3 smart health projects should not be missed at CES 2018

A lot of innovations have been unveiled since CES 2018 and many will be remembered. If visitors will remember more vehicles or drones, connected smart health projets has also had an important place.

Between autonomous vehicles and other projects in virtual reality, some did not get the attention they deserve. In this genre, we find in particular health connected with creations as important as useful.

CardioNexion: heart disease prevention by @ -Health

A major problem, especially in the United States, cardiovascular disease is wreaking havoc every year. Thanks to its connected health device, the @ -Health company counts, if not put an end to it, help to foresee them. In form, the creation of the French company corresponds to a t-shirt or bra. In these, we find several sensors constantly recovering the data provided by your body. Are analyzed, including the respiratory rate, heart rate or temperature. The garment is prescribed by a doctor and, connected health requires, binds to a smartphone. A digital platform processes all information retrieved and sent to a medical team 24 hours a day. The latter is composed of cardiologists and intensive care nurses ready to intervene at any time. Always looking for investors, neither release date nor price have been announced by @ -Health.

smart health projets le-t-shirt-cardionexion-d-health smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康衣服SmartSleep: Philips connected health headphones to sleep happily

In a world that goes faster and faster, difficult to really take the time to sleep well. Philips is trying to solve this problem with a connected health helmet. This one, however, looks more like a band to wear during the night. Connected to a smartphone, it detects different phases of sleep and compiles this data for later access. This allows one to analyze one’s self-rest, while the app offers tips for getting better sleep. The greatest particularity of SmartSleep comes from the diffusion of a white noise if the user is too agitated. This one aims to “calm” the body and thus to obtain a more restful sleep. This connected health banner will be marketed in the US for $ 399.

Siren: connected health socks for diabetics

While intelligent textiles are often used in sporting goods, they also have a place in connected health. Siren-Care has created socks to prevent foot ulcers caused by diabetes.

Equipped with 6 sensors directly integrated in the fabric, the sock sends the measurement of the temperature on the smartphone and alerts the patient via an application, in case of inflammation of the skin or infection.

In addition, the device acts as an activity sensor. From the app, the user can follow throughout the day, the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned and the duration of walking or running.These connected health socks cost $ 120 for seven pairs.


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