How your smart home could takes care of your health?

How your smart home could takes care of your health?

It will not replace a dinner with friends or a good massage (or sports, depending on taste) session, but thanks to smart home health, your connected home could provide you with more well-being on a daily basis. Yes Yes ! We tell you how right after.

Connected objects like so many little fairies in the house

So imagine if, thanks to smart health home, your sweet home took care of you?

Let’s start with the bedroom…

To never again respond with a grunt to the question “did you sleep well?”, Equip your room!

Sleep sensors are legion but not everyone wants to wear a bracelet at night, or worse, a mask or even a helmet! To stay in the cocoon spirit, opt instead for a sensor to be fixed on / under the mattress.

The Nokia Sleep model will provide you with maximum details about your night. Summarized in one score, they summarize the quality of your sleep. This sleep sensor even offers you to concoct a bedtime routine by creating scenarios with IFTTT to control your lighting or heating while you fall into the arms of morphea.

For its part, Beddit promises to explain to you why you slept badly. Mosquitoes, alcohol, late work,… it makes the link between your day’s activities and the quality of your nights. And he KNOWS when you snore

If you don’t like the idea of ​​being inspected from every angle while you sleep then opt for the Moona smart pillow whose temperature you can control. The Graal !

Then we go to the bathroom

No one will question the benefits of pushing the song in the shower. Except maybe … those who hear you

Here’s something to make the whole family smile: a shower head synchronized with a device via Bluetooth (like Moxie models by Jacob Delafon) to broadcast your favorite playlist. Enough to cover your song with a melodious pan.

You do not plan to change your shower immediately? Never mind, settle for an Aquatunes connected speaker.

With 8 hours of autonomy, you have time to take a few showers before needing to recharge it.

Another source of well-being in the bathroom: being warm. Especially since we spend a lot of time in the simplest device…

Good news ! To control your electric radiators, the Sowee Connected Station has provided a Boost function.

Thus, you can quickly increase the temperature of the bathroom, over a short period. Bye bye the chills!

Finally, who says less stress also says more well-being. To avoid repeat dentist appointments, swap your classic toothbrush for a connected toothbrush.

With Kolibree for example, it’s a real brushing coach who comes to your home. Via the dedicated app, you immediately know if your brushing is effective. Have you forgotten an area? Is the brushing time sufficient? Caries hunting is open!

Then in the living room where you breathe good fresh air

Optimal humidity or CO2 alerts: many connected objects offer you fresh air at any time of the day.

The most common are the sensors integrated into weather stations (and also into the connected Station for energy control at Sowee). But there is also this pot of flowers which takes advantage of it to filter the ambient air (up to 93% less pollution for a room of 36m2 according to Clairy) or this window (Velux Active) which decides when it is time to ventilate the house.

All your senses awakened in a few clicks

Clean air is good, but if, in addition, it smells good, it’s better! With an essential oil diffuser connected, the aromatherapy sessions are yours

With AromaCare for example, you choose a capsule and then launch your 20-minute wellness session in one click thanks to the dedicated app. Sleep, tonic, zen, but also pollen or migraine: you are spoiled for choice!

Sensorwake, for its part, calls upon (almost) all your senses for optimal awakening: diffusion of perfume, luminous halo and soft melody. You will be gently – but surely – pushed out of bed. Rather “espresso”, “seaside” or “small cookie” to get you out of the arms of morphea?

When smart health transforms your home into a health center

Finally, is not health the first condition for well-being? And since prevention is better than cure, here is something to help you monitor your health from home.

Have you already opted for the connected bathroom scale? If not, you’re spoiled for choice. All the big names in the world of connected objects have already entered this niche: Withings, Garmin, Fitbit, … and, of course, the balance specialist, Terraillon.

These high-tech scales calculate everything (or almost): weight, BMI (body mass index), composition (fat, bone, muscle, water mass) and sometimes even heart rate or even the vibrations generated by the heartbeat to detect hypertension problems. Just that !

The data is transmitted in real time on an app and you are free to transmit it to your doctor.

More astonishing because it requires no contact: the mirror which examines you every morning and alerts you when it is time to rectify your lifestyle.

Imagine when you jump out of bed: “mirror my beautiful mirror, am I in good health today?”

The process imagined by the Wize Mirror of the European collective Semeotincons is quite simple: it scans your face and compares it to a healthy face. Only problem, its cost (around 10,000 euros) so it is not yet marketed to date. Patience…

A more accessible version of connected mirror is already on sale: the Hi-Mirror, but it “just” tells you about the health… of your skin. It’s already that

And finally, also think of putting a certain connected object on off (yes, yes, we are talking about the one that is almost grafted by hand, your phone). You will see, this could greatly improve your well-being!

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