Measure the age of your arteries with Popmètre

smart health device popmetre Measure the age of our arteries with Popmeter

We wanted to treat a “cardiac” subject by presenting Popmère, an innovative smart medical device created by Axelife, which measures the age of  your arteries! Let’s look this smart health device popmetre.

How it works ?

Specifically, the device, small and handy, measures the speed of propagation of the aortic pulse wave (a test of arterial stiffness, ie the age of our arteries!) In less than 2 minutes.

Its use is simple, mobile and reproducible. The device is connected to the patient by photodiode sensors to obtain the difference in transit time between the toe and the finger. The “real” arterial age is provided to the patient and the doctor via the interface, via USB port. The computer thus displays the various signals formatted, as well as all the useful data for displaying and processing information.

What are the benefits?

During a cardiovascular check-up, the Popmère allows, for example, to distinguish between patients requiring intensive drug intervention and further cardio-vascular explorations from those requiring only simple monitoring and basic dietary hygiene measures. Thus, it allows for health savings and prevention of cardiovascular events.

In addition, the existence of arterial stiffness being an important parameter prompting the rapid start of antihypertensive treatment, Popmère proves to be an effective tool in the management of arterial hypertension. Indeed, it makes it possible to differentiate among hypertensive patients, those requiring medical treatment from others.

Who can use this smart health device popmetre?

The use of Popmeter is recommended by the learned societies of cardiology or vascular medicine, for all the practitioners taking charge of cardiovascular pathologies: general practitioners, cardiologists, neurologists, diabetologists, nephrologists and pharmacists.

Popmètre is now used in more than 150 teaching hospitals and practices across Europe, in cardiogeriatric units, diabetology nutrition, neuro interventional, and of course cardiology.

It is also used in cardiologists, general practitioners, occupational health, and health centers.

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