smart health connected objects for perfect teeth


A smart toothbrush for perfect hygiene

We dreamed about it, Philips Sonicare did it! Their brand new electric toothbrush offers us the benefit of 5 gestures in one object with a live tracking on our smartphone. Brushing teeth, deep cleansing, gum care, teeth whitening, and care of the tongue: just change the brush head for each gesture, which can be performed at different intensities. A dedicated application compatible with IOS and Android offers us real-time information to teach us how to perfect our daily toothbrushing: pressure too strong, too much or too little brushed areas, brushing direction …

In addition to its aesthetic appearance and its playful dimension, this smart toothbrush becomes a real asset for health. Studies on the impact of oral hygiene on opportunistic diseases are on the rise: UFSBD study reveals that 26% of stroke victims are oral carriers of a variety of virulent bacteria very involved in dental caries. *

A connected gutter for optimal teeth whitening

A kit containing a whitening gel, a LED gutter connectable to the smartphone and a whitening toothpaste has just made its appearance in Belgium. Its use is very simple. We apply the gel on the teeth using the applicator pen, we put the tray on his teeth, we plug the smartphone, … and lie down for 25 minutes. Ideal for heavy consumers of tobacco, coffee and tea! To be repeated as often as necessary. Of course, the result can only be achieved with perfect mouth hygiene and twice daily toothbrushing (at least).

3D dental impressions with a camera

Many people know this painful moment that is the dental impressions performed in plaster dental office. From now on, the patient can make his own health home using a camera which, passed quickly on the teeth, captures thousands of images, without any radiation, and recreates in 3D on screen the dental arches of the patients. In addition to the comfort afforded by this connected dental tool and its ecological dimension (more hardening paste!), It provides a diagnostic aid for the orthodontist and allows 3D simulations of possible treatments, which were not allowed in older models. plaster.
3D also connected to the dental prosthesis department: it is possible with computer-aided design software (CAD / CAM) to manufacture a dental prosthesis – facet or crown – ceramic in record time thanks to 3D imaging .

A mobile application for a good compliance of its dental treatment

The first solution for orthodontic monitoring by smartphone has just appeared. The smartphone becomes a detector of the movements of your teeth in real time. He then communicates them to the orthodontist so that the orthodontist can control the orthodontic treatment at a distance. It is therefore possible to warn the patient as soon as an anomaly arises, who no longer needs to go as often as before in the office.

A connected mouthguard for athletes

Injuries due to the most violent sports – rugby, combat sports, skiing, … – or fall-related are talking a lot about them. Sequelae can be serious and disabling for the athlete who is a victim, especially because we can not always identify the degree of severity of his injury. A connected mouthguard has just appeared on the high-tech healthcare market. It protects the front teeth and molars from injury and greatly reduces the risk of damage to the brain, jaw and cheeks. Its role goes even further since its use also makes it possible to detect the impacts of blows received to the head and then to evaluate their severity. Each shock received will then be recorded and measured in order to know all the shots received, and in parallel, define the intensity of the latter in time. It is even possible to see all the data recorded by the device via a Smartphone.


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