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Skin regeneration (or Autoregen or Self Regenerin or autologous cell rejuvenation).

Skin regeneration

Skin regeneration consists of using plasma enriched with platelets in the revitalization of the face. After centrifugation of his blood, the patient is injected with his own platelet extracts to fill in wrinkles and depressions. The organism’s living cells are removed to then recreate living tissue.

It is a technique that can treat wrinkles on the face, neckline and hands.

Skin regeneration:

Thanks to the revitalizing properties of platelets, depressions and wrinkles are filled. The state of the skin is silkier, wrinkled, refreshed, fresher and less sad. The patient looks younger in a completely natural way. Generally we recommend at the beginning a treatment of 2 sessions with 3 months interval. Then only 1 session per year is enough to maintain the result.

The advantage is that the platelet extract is fluid and manageable on injection and becomes viscous once injected into the dermis. It causes a succession of reactions resulting in the creation of new living tissue in the injected area.

Since this product comes from the patient’s own organism, it is 100% biocompatible. The risks of allergy, intolerance or rejection are therefore reduced to a minimum.

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