Rennes University Hospital team with Incepto to "accelerate AI for medical imaging"


This partnership announced in the premises of the Breton health facility in the presence of the Secretary of State in charge of digital, Cédric O, revolves around three aspects.

In concrete terms, the University Hospital of Rennes will use solutions distributed by Incepto, whose application intended for the interpretation of chest X-rays. This application – developed by an Indian start-up and distributed by Incepto- allows you to quickly read and analyze standard chest radios to save time for medical teams.

The CHU and Incepto have also announced a co-creation project for AI-based applications for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer with more than 70,000 new cases per year in France and is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide. Imaging and urology medical teams at Rennes University Hospital will collaborate with Incepto specialists to create an AI application in the field of prostate MRI to help clinicians make a diagnosis.

Finally, the young company has signed a partnership "to strengthen the national leadership of the University Hospital of Rennes in massive health data," she said in a statement.

The facility has a health data warehouse (EDS) backed by the eHop software developed in situ by Marc Cuggia's teams in partnership with Enovacom, a subsidiary of Orange Business Services.

As part of the partnership, Incepto will integrate its imaging data and AI platform to support the research work of the Rennes teams. "Integrating enriched imaging data into EDS is a promising prospect for medical research and the development of new AI tools," said the University Hospital of Rennes and Incepto.

This partnership is part of the CHU's digital and AI development strategy.

"This initiative is also part of the institution's support policy for innovation in all areas: we thus devote an annual budget of € 300,000 to support innovative projects led by the medical and healthcare teams of the organization. CHU, beyond the 8 to 10 million euros invested annually in digital technologies, "said Frederic Rimattei, deputy general director of the CHU Breton, quoted in the statement.

For his part, Cédric O welcomed a partnership that "shows how the application of AI is today a carrier of innovation in the field of health and gives perspectives of treatment of pathology in the years to come up".

The secretary of state in charge of the digital also recalled that this alliance "is part of the strategy of the government in favor of a French leadership in matter of IA", presented in March 2018 by the President of the Republic.

In line with this plan to support AI in France, Emmanuel Macron announced on September 18th an investment of 5 billion euros over three years from institutional investors to foster the emergence of French start-ups, such as Incepto.

Created in January 2018, the Incepto company was born from the meeting of Gaspard d'Assignies, radiologist, Florence Moreau, engineer passed by General Electric (GE), and Antoine Jomier, former executive of GE Healthcare.

Winner of the global innovation competition, the young company announced on September 24th that it has closed a € 5.6 million fundraising campaign with Axa Venture Partners, the Autonomous Patient Fund of Bpifrance and CapDecisif.

Interviewed by TICsanté last February, Antoine Jomier said he chose to "build AI tools with health professionals to develop new applications tailored to their specific needs".

The co-founder of the start-up also did not hide his ambition to make Incepto "a kind of Netflix medical imaging".


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