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Remeshing consists of weaving a mesh of different threads into the skin to fill in wrinkles and improve sagging skin.

RemeshingRemeshing is used as an alternative to surgical lifting. To particate the remeshing, you need thin skin, moderate slackening and no excess fat.


Remeshing consists of making a mesh in the skin based on different types of absorbable or non-absorbable sutures. By introducing the thread under the skin, the production of collagen is induced. The body reacts against this foreign body by causing local inflammation and subcutaneous fibrosis of the tissues that fill the wrinkle. The reaction facilitates the production of new elastic fibers by the body.

Four kinds of threads are used:

– Gold thread: This type of thread is a priori hypoallergenic, non-resorbable, with a result that can be visible for up to around 5 years. It is recommended to tighten the fibers of fine and loose skin. It is used on the face (neck and oval), neckline, and hands.

– The notched thread (Russian thread): Composed of prolene, resorbable and accompanied by multiple teeth, it makes it possible to correct the slackening of the skin at the level of the oval of the face, the nasolabial furrows, (furrows going from the wings of the nose to corner of the lips), cheekbones and crow’s feet, supporting it when it begins to relax;

– Goretex yarn: It is porous, flexible and sterilizable several times. But this type of thread is limited to the nasolabial folds, the swelling of the lips, the filling of the crow’s feet and the frown lines;

– Softform thread: Of synthetic origin (vicryl, maxon or even ligadex), it concerns large wrinkles or accentuated folds on the face. A small incision is enough to place it under a wrinkle. It is the resulting fibrosis that fills in this wrinkle. The threads generally resolve after 2 weeks.

This type of intervention requires only local anesthesia, without the need for hospitalization or immobilization and the average duration is generally less than one hour. Improvement is gradual over 3 months. Complications are meant to remain minimal (mild swelling and bruising) and can last 2-3 days in some cases. In principle, the effect is visible about 5 years.

The price varies from €1,000 to €1,200 per area treated.

It is important to know that this technique has well-identified dangers. The threads can slip, change position, come out of the skin or even break, not to mention the inflammatory reactions and rejections they can cause.

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