Smart health : Qare raises 20 million euros to try to impose itself in the telemedicine

Qare, a French start-up that offers a teleconsultation solution, announces Thursday, April 11, 2019 to have raised 20 million euros. The one who launched its solution in 2017 describes itself as a “precursor” of telemedicine. Qare wants to continue growing and facing newcomers in this sector of Qare telemedicine who have been trying to ride the reimbursement of this practice since September, starting with Doctolib.

Doctolib may well dominate the market of taking appointments online medical in France, the positions are not yet acquired for the recent teleconsultation.

Qare telemedicine ,ALREADY 20,000 TELECONSULTATIONS

Qare, which has already completed 20,000 teleconsultations, has “the greatest know-how and the most successful technical solution”. A remark difficult to verify in this sector which is gaining momentum. Above all, the French “accompanies health professionals with offers of initial training and continuing quite advanced”. Logically, Qare offers secure and traceable prescriptions and the establishment of a medical file. And it is also possible to get your medicines delivered at home … An option still little used.

300 health professionals equipped, target 15,000 by 2020

This money allowed him to develop an ergonomic platform entirely dedicated to teleconsultation, unlike Doctolib whose business is making medical appointments, or Dokiliko which is originally a management software solution for professionals health. Qare claims more than 10,000 consultations and 300 health professionals equipped, whether it is general practice or any specialty. They hopes to equip 15,000 healthcare professionals by 2020, on the model of a subscription of 75 euros per month to its secure platform.


Reimbursement of some teleconsultations since January 1st

Since January 1, 2019, the Social Security reimburses, under certain conditions, online consultations, following the signing, last fall, of a rider to the contract between the Health Insurance and the unions of liberal doctors. To fulfill the reimbursement conditions, the patient must have already met his doctor physically during the last twelve months, and the teleconsultation must be part of the care journey. Teleconsultation is also an interesting solution for medical deserts, the follow-up of a long-term condition or in the case where the elderly patient, for example, can not move to the medical office.

In fact, the repayment sharpens the appetites of startups. Thanks to its leading position in e-health, the unicorn Doctolib, which has just completed a mega-lift of 150 million euros and launched its own medical teleconsultation service, is naturally very well positioned to dominate this market as well. born. Hence the interest for its many competitors (, Livi, Dokiliko, Directodoc) to accelerate to become known and grab market share.


In parallel, Qare is getting closer to companies wishing to improve the daily lives and well-being of their employees by offering them easier access to teleconsultation as well as additional services (no cost to advance, free delivery of medicines at the workplace and training around certain psycho-social risks).

As for possible partnerships with insurance,  Qare prefers to turn to health professionals. For example, the company has entered into a partnership with the National Union of Anesthetists Resuscitators of France (SNARF). However, Qare has just raised 20 million euros from Kamet Ventures … Axa’s start-up studio oriented insurtech.

The start-up, which currently has a team of thirty people, wants to “multiply by 5 its workforce by early 2020”. Qare is banking on strong growth that its new CEO, former number 2 of La Fourchette, will have to manage.

Qare telemedicine

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