Powerbeats Pro are expensive and hard to repair


The Powerbeats Pro, new Beats wireless headphones, have the distinction of being very complicated to repair. Just try to disassemble them to realize it. It goes wrong when you know the price at which they are sold.

Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones are gone under the magnifying glass of iFixit. The site specialized in the repair of technological gadgets took apart a pair, not without difficulty, to observe the interior. They bring valuable information on their making. This may not interest those who swear by the sound, but it's always good to know when you pay for this kind of product so expensive.

In addition to integrating Apple's new H1 chip, Pro Powerbeats have more similarities with AirPods. They have similar speakers. This is amazing considering the difference in sound quality and sound experience between the two. Differences that are probably due to the construction of the earphones.

Powerbeats Pro very complicated to repair

And if you have the sudden urge to take a look at this construction, arm yourself with patience and a blowtorch. Indeed, it is very complicated to open these headphones to repair them or change the battery. iFixit assigns them a repairability score of 1 out of 10. A note that is not foreign to Apple products.

About the battery, the Powerbeats Pro book a surprise. Accumulators are 200mWh button cells that can also be found on Samsung's Galaxy Buds. Those of the AirPods are only 93 mWh. Many of their users reported problems. Here, the life expectancy should be comparable to that of the competitor's headphones. The tests state thatat least six hours of office in one charge. Maybe other Apple products will receive this kind of battery in the future.


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