Pillgo, the smart and smart health connected week-end. –


This smart health connected week-end aims to memorize and report to the owner if the medicines were taken or not. In fact, associated with a smartphone application, there will be no more excuses. No more excuses for forgetting to take medication with Pillgo.

It is not always easy to think about taking your medicine. And sometimes it may be that one day has passed and one has forgotten to take a pill or birth control pill for women. Pillgo intends to solve this problem with a very simple use.

Pillgo, a simple and smart health connected semainier.

Developed by a young startup in Hong Kong, Pillgo comes in the form of a round pebble composed of seven compartments. Each compartment refers to a day of the week necessarily.

The box is also equipped with a Bluetooth chip that will communicate with your smartphone and an application dedicated to it. This application offers the possibility of defining different alarms.

So if you forget to take medicine, an alert will be reported to the smartphone or smart health connected watch. Similarly if the week-end is turned in the wrong direction to take the drugs, it will signal.


In addition, it is possible to configure the application on several smartphones. Thus, it will be possible for a loved one to monitor the taking of drugs.

As for Pillgo, it weighs only 200 grams and holds in one hand. The smart health connected week-end Pillgo is available in white or black and will slip easily into a purse. Its announced autonomy is one week after a full charge.

Note that the application will also see the battery level of the device.

The device is currently available at a price of $ 49 on Indiegogo website and has already raised more than 60% of the funds requested for its production.

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