Peloton, the smart health connected exercise bike that makes you sweat in joy


With the Peloton exercise bike, even the most lazy ones want to challenge oneself, to surpass oneself and to be rewarded with the help of virtual coaches.

To put it simply, the Peloton is a stationary bike with a huge tablet that costs a lot of $ 2,300. To this is added a monthly subscription of 40 dollars. It provides access to thousands of video lessons (live or on demand).

This is the secret of the device. When the amateur cyclist wants to stop, his on-screen coach encourages him to continue while the music rises in volume. The result is an addictive endorphin that encourages pedaling again and again. With this winning formula, Peloton already has 1.4 million users, including 550,000 paying subscribers. The company is therefore positioned as one of the leaders not only of health home bikes, but of smart health connected sports.

Peloton exercise bike with a customer service

Peloton, an exercise bike designed to be effective

To counter procrastination, the shoes of the device make walking practically impossible once they are put on. Thus, only one option is offered to the user: pedaling.

But as said before, these are the videos that are the strength of the peloton against another exercise bike. Can last just 5 minutes, courses are adaptable to availability of each subscriber. Moreover, they are lavished by twenty coaches each with a well-defined personality.

So we are very far from these nameless trainers who are on TV, and we enjoy having them with you. Finally, understanding the importance of music when you are on your exercise bike, Peloton allows you to choose your lessons according to your favorite genre.

Pedaling, together …

As the coach is filmed from the front, the screen of the machine gives the impression that we are face to face with him. This automatically creates a feeling of closeness which surpasses the one we can have with the coach of some gyms. In live classes, the names of participants who have achieved a feat are even mentioned (see video below). And when a user reaches his 100th session, Peloton sends him a T-shirt. All gives a "community" side to the experience.

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However, we do not always want to be shouted for an hour. In these cases, one can simply opt for a scenic video imitating a walk in a landscape idyllic. For even more usability, we can pedaling at a distance with his friends videoconferencing. And since each subscription can be used on 3 different devices, you can share your lessons with your friends and compare their scores.

In short, the bike of Peloton succeeds the impossible to make a solitary activity in a collective moment. And the company will not stop there because it has released a treadmill ($ 4,300) and a mobile app for training ($ 10 per month). Unfortunately for those interested, there is still no information on a possible arrival in France.

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