Mues-Tec brings entertainment features to household surfaces


Mues-Tec brings the digital future into all rooms

The of Mues-Tec developed mirror and cabinet door components, mirror TVs and moisture-proof TV sets are not only in the health home application. Business premises, public facilities and hotels also benefit from the smart appliances. Thanks to the Internet connection, multimedia applications such as radio and television programs, videos, music and news can be called and controlled in all rooms. The smart mirrors and smart kitchen cabinet door components are running Android 8, so they can benefit from the Google Playstore app offer. The devices are controlled either by touch panel or voice control. The bathroom TVS and versatile mirrored television serve as a multi-talented infotainer. In addition, users are able to connect their smart mirrors with other smart health home applications.

Mues-Tec – Application area: Bathroom

The smart mirror is designed for the modern bathroom, it combines the technical advantages of a computer with a high-quality mirror. Thanks to the simple setting, the Smart Mirror becomes a personalized information carrier and provides targeted news on the weather, on the road or on the world's financial markets. The mirror equipped with a camera can connect via Bluetooth with other smart gadgets, which make-up fits the current look, whether the skin needs moisture or the weight is okay. The camera can be deactivated by machine. With the built-in loudspeakers, your favorite music can also make your morning bath routine easier.

The Smart Mirror provides the most important information at a glance

The Smart Mirror provides the most important information at a glance


Mues-Tec allows Skype calls through the refrigerator door

As a reflective kitchen or oven cabinet door, the smart mirror is also used in the kitchen. Here, users can not only conjure up the favorite recipes from the online cookbook, but also skype conversations, beautify cooking with music and network smart appliances. Particularly practical here is the built-in microphone through which the display can be operated by voice control, if you have everything to do while cooking. When switched off, the display functions are all invisible.

Mirror TVs from Mues-Tec are even suitable for bathrooms

The waterproof Mues-Tec mirror TVs find a place in different rooms. So they can easily provide entertainment in the bathroom while taking a bath. In the living area, the screens present themselves as frame TVs. Up to 55-inch LED screens with wide viewing angle give a brilliant television picture when switched on. When switched off, the screens then turn into luxurious mirrors. The TVs are framed according to preference simple, elegant or as an expressive eye-catcher.

With the waterproof mirror TVs, entertainment can also be enjoyed in the bathroom

With the waterproof mirror TVs, entertainment can also be enjoyed in the bathroom


Conclusion to the smart entertainment displays from Mues-Tec

The smart Mues-Tec mirrors give a truly futuristic impression. The display surfaces on the everyday furniture look like a science fiction film. In the morning, the displays in the bathroom allow access to the most important news and provide active help in the kitchen. Turning the camera off automatically ensures safety and protects privacy.

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