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Moona is an amazing e-health object project. It is a pillow. A smart health connected object that will strive to improve the quality of your sleep by regulating the temperature of your pillow depending on your sleep phase.


There are countless objects and applications of all kinds that are interested in the way we sleep. Stress, screens and the rhythm of modern life have seriously disrupted our natural rhythms. Our sleep is of less good quality, all specialists agree.

Moona tackles this problem by a somewhat new angle in the matter, the temperature of your pillow. The two carriers of this oh so relaxing project started from the observation that the temperature of the pillow affects your comfort during sleep and therefore its quality. Need freshness in the phases of deep sleep, softer temperature for the period of awakening.


Two years have allowed the two geo-founders of the pillow to validate their hypothesis and build their model which includes the shape of a rather elegant cube that strongly resembles a bedside alarm clock. The latter is connected by a kind of gainette to slip into the pillow that you put under the head. Everything is controlled from the console or via an application on your smartphone. The latter will record all your sleep rhythms to give you regular summaries of the overall quality of your sleep.


All that remains is to set the desired time of your awakening and dive into the arms of morphée. During the night, Moona will play with the temperature of your pillow and adapt it during the night …

The tests seem very conclusive. The creators launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in a few days. Production should start soon. The first connected pillows should arrive in your beds next summer.

Link: Moona


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