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Mid-water conditioner as an alternative to BRITA and Co.

Drinking good water – that should be a matter of course in the 21st century, but it is not. Activated carbon filters such as the widespread BRITA filters are a potential breeding ground for bacteria. By contrast, osmosis filters purify the water so strongly that important minerals are screened out. Start-up mittemitte from Berlin has developed a water purifier with an international team that cleans tap water 60 times better than simple carbon filters. The patented mineral cartridges ensure the supply of important nutrients.

Anyone who soon decides to go with the mid-water conditioner can save over 100 euros via the Kemstart campaign from mittemitte. So let's take a quick look at how the water treatment system works and whether the switch from BRITA to the middle is worthwhile.

Mineral cartridges mean the healthier alternative to reverse osmosis filters

Mineral cartridges mean the healthier alternative to reverse osmosis filters

(Center middle)

Overview of the functions of the central water purifier

The center water purifier removes bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic components, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, hormones and other contaminants with a 2ppm World Health Organization (TDS) value.

For comparison: Tap water has an average TDS value of 350ppm, distilled water of 1ppm. It even cleans the water five times more thoroughly than conventional reverse osmosis filters. And so the middle-water filter accomplishes the:

1. Patented distillation technology

Mitte cleans tap water with patented distillation technology – currently the most efficient solution for water treatment. At no time is it possible for filtered pollutants to re-enter the water. That's a difference to table water filters like BRITA. Due to the new distillation technology, the water purifier consumes just 0.12kWh.

2. Mineral enrichment to your own taste

Conventional filter solutions, especially reverse osmosis, distil contaminants as well as valuable minerals from tap water. Therefore, minerals in the form of refillable cartridges are enriched in the middle water filter system. The cartridges are available in different variants and must be refilled in a single household about every 6 months. Later more.

3. Quality check by water sensors

While you have to rely on carbon and osmosis filters to ensure that the water is already clean enough, the water quality of the central water purifier can be easily controlled via the app. If the sensors detect insufficient cleaning, the water output is automatically stopped.

4. Tea water via App

With the right app for the central water purifier, purified water can be dispensed via smartphone or tablet. Much more interesting, however, is the ability to retrieve the water at a precise temperature. The tea water comes at up to 92 ° C directly from the water treatment machine.

5. Drink for a good cause

Perhaps it will be easier to drink more valuable water knowing that every gallon of water consumed makes a donation to aid organization water.org? At least that's what the Berlin start-up in the middle of the middle thought and integrated the automatic donation function. The water consumption is tracked in the app, therefore donated mid-way money to projects for water supply in developing countries.

This is how the center water conditioner works

There are two versions of the mid-water conditioner: one fixed-built and one freestanding. The permanently installed central water conditioner is smart health connected to the water pipe, which may require a hole in the worktop. The freestanding version is simply placed on the worktop – without further installation measures. For this, of course, the water must be refilled manually.

The effective cleaning process takes time. One liter of clean water will be "extracted" in 2 hours, a maximum of 12 liters a day. Due to the slow process, the water purifier continuously filters until the water tank is refilled.

Of course, even the best water purifier needs some care. The water containers should be cleaned regularly with coffee machine cleaner. An LED indicator shows when it's time.

Center monitors water quality and cleaning status via app

Center monitors water quality and cleaning status via app

(Center middle)

Why a Smart health home Water Purifier?

For many, it may be strange to connect to the water purifier via an app. However, there are a number of reasons for digitizing the water purifier.

The middle app:

  • informed as soon as water should be refilled
  • informed as soon as a new mineral cartridge is needed
  • Order new cartridges automatically on request
  • informed as soon as the machine needs care
  • indicates the quality of the filtered water
  • indicates how much water was consumed and how much money was donated to water.org

The variants of the middle mineral cartridges at a glance

  • middle balance – soft water with neutral taste for tea, coffee, baby food and every day
  • middle Vitality – refreshing water with high mineral content and own taste to improve the vitality
  • Medium Alkaline – Alkaline Water with high pH, ​​Minerals and Antioxidants: free from free radicals and unbalanced acid-base balance

Conclusion: mid-water conditioners are a good alternative to previous filter solutions

On a safe and transparent water treatment system like that of center center we waited a long time. Definitely a promising (and good-looking) alternative to stacked water boxes and existing water filtration systems.

Prices and availability of middle

About the Kickstarter campaign from the middle of the middle water filter solution is currently still available for 299 euros. Delivery will take place in March 2018. In the middle of the trade will later cost 429 euros.

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