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Mesotherapy consists of injecting a micro dose of medicinal substances just under the skin, in direct proximity to the problem to be treated.


It was developed in France by Dr. Pistor in 1952. It is practiced exclusively by doctors and is taught in Faculties of Medicine. Since May 2001, it has been validated by the ANAES (National Agency for Accreditation and Evaluation in Health) and by the HAS (High Authority for Health) in the treatment of pain. Mesotherapy consists in administering on or in the skin, substances in very small quantities, next to the area to be treated. This allows for maximum efficiency. “Few, rarely, in the right place” said Dr. Pistor Injections are done manually or using a specific electronic injector. The drugs used are those of allopathic or homeopathic medicine. This treatment is offered after a medical examination. It may require several sessions depending on the pathologies and their evolution. It is a non-painful, simple technique, which makes it possible to have a better tolerance to drugs because of the micro-doses used and their non-diffusion in the body. It has a fast, effective and long-lasting action.


For the filling of wrinkles, we practice what is called the mesolift which consists in injecting the product with a fine needle superficially along the wrinkles and on the entire surface of the face in a grid pattern. The classic Mesolift uses a nutritious and revitalizing mixture that may include vitamins, minerals, vasodilators, calcitonin. Filling Mesolift, on the other hand, is done only with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. To obtain a good result, it is good to repeat the session every month. Mesolift is indicated especially for thin, dry, dull skin, asphyxiated skin from smokers and hyperpigmentation. In these cases, the result is wonderful, the skin recolours, the complexion takes on radiance, fine lines are reduced. The duration of the Mesolift intervention is 20 minutes. The cost of a Mesolift session can vary from 100 to 150 €.

Variant of mesolift: mesobotox

MesoBotox is a technique for using botulinum toxin, different and complementary to the classic intramuscular injection of this toxin. The mesotherapy route makes it possible to inject the product into intradermal papules and is used to promote the diffusion of the toxin towards the whole of a flat muscle and allow relaxation of the subdermal myofibrils. The mesotherapy injection is done with a very fine needle which is practically painless and the concentration of toxin used is lower.

The mesomask: a thermal mask followed by a mesolift

The thermal mask allows the acceleration of the products put downstream by creating a cutaneous vasodilation. Thanks to the mask that will be placed before the treatment, the effects are more lasting and increased by better diffusion and penetration of the products. It is preferable to use a polyvitamin mask* containing antioxidant and anti-free radical substances. The Mesolift will be done just after the mask for better efficiency and penetrability. This association allows us to truly talk about rejuvenation and anti-aging care.

The Polyvitamin Mesomask It is an active and original mask since it is the only one to have an Antioxidant effect against free radicals because it is polyvitamined. Its anti-ageing action is remarkable and, moreover, it activates the substances put downstream (Mesolift, peeling, cream). Its use alone, once a month, improves the aging of the skin. The price of the MesoMasque varies from 150 to 250 €

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