Meditating will be easier with this pebble of the future at 70 €


The pebble lights up to make us meditate. To develop this somewhat offbeat object, its creators launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the hectic pace of modern life? Do you want to disconnect a little? Try one of these courses digital detox. Or, go for meditation. And for help you focus (an art only a small number still masters in the era of notifications), you can soon use the Pebble moment, a pebble that lights up.

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A pebble, yes, you read well

The Pebble Moment is an oblong object that sits nicely in the palm of a hand. When activated, it turns on and off slowly. This is repeated several times for 30 seconds. These visual stimuli serve to attract our attention (for example, not to think of any of these stories ofspying on our privacy…). To meditate half a minute, in short.

Pebble moment to meditate

A tool to meditate

Technically, it is not a question of a pebble, but of an object that looks like it. But its inventors did not choose this format at random. Indeed, the Pebble Moment is at once small, discreet and gentle. It is transported effortlessly to the bottom of a pocket. Moreover, using it does not require any additional mobile application. Useful features to meditate where you want and when you want. But do not forget to recharge the battery from time to time …

We can be skeptical, but those who tested it were convinced. Among these, there is Hamish Grierson, CEO of the Thriva smart health connected objects startup. According to him, it is the first product that succeeds in using technology to combat our dependence on it.

Even more surprising: the expected amount of $ 51,763 was significantly exceeded after only 8 days of campaign. If you too are convinced by this meditative stone, do not hesitate to submit your contribution via the page Kickstarter of the product. It will be sold £ 60 (about € 70) upon release.

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