Medical apps and smart health connected objects to follow his treatment,


Well follow his treatment, it is essential!

We often talk about the good observance of a treatment to say that a patient strictly follows the prescription of his doctor by taking his medication as it should. When one suffers from a chronic illness, the therapeutic observance must be increased, just as the medical monitoring or the hygienic and dietary rules. According to the LEEM (Drug Companies), one out of two patients suffering from a chronic pathology (diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, asthma, psychiatric diseases …) forgets to take his medication. The consequences of poor compliance can be very serious, going as far as hospitalization or death. One of the primary factors of good compliance is the patient's understanding of his pathology and treatment. Health professionals are therefore in the front line and can also involve the patient's family and entourage for greater impact. But once at health home, the patient sometimes needs daily help to discipline himself!

To think about taking your medications: catch reminder apps

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies and mobile solutions companies have developed applications for Smartphones specialized in recalling medications. Here are the most useful ones:

  • For parents of large families: Médi'Rappel

This app allows you to create several profiles: yours, your husband's and your children's; then add medications by specifying the dosage, duration and schedule for each, and receive an alert at the time of taking, to find out which medicine should be taken by which person in the family. You can also create a directory of your medical contacts (doctor, pediatrician, emergency …) and anticipate your trips or those of your loved ones: you fill in the number of days of stay and the application automatically generates the list of drugs and the number of boxes to take away.

  • For a co-surveillance of the taking of the treatment with a caregiver or a relative: Medisafe

With Medisafe, you save your medications in a few simple steps and organize catch reminders. You can add a person who helps you manage your treatments and the app generates catch reports that you can send to a doctor or nurse. In addition, you will have a constant monitoring of your health, thanks to the recording of your measurements such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar …

  • The most complete app, also accessible to seniors who do not have smartphones: MEDissimo

On Medissimo, you can register your drug (s) by scanning the boxes. Once the prescription has been filled in, the application provides the user with functionalities enabling:

  • Receive reminder notifications when it's time to take your treatment, on your phone or by email;
  • Visualize the observance of your catch plan;
  • Notify possible adverse effects by specifying the nature, date, duration and severity;
  • Manage your appointments with health professionals;
  • Share all the elements with your family and especially with the health professionals in charge of your follow-up (nurse, pharmacist, general practitioner).

In order to remotely ensure the medical follow-up of elderly people who are losing their autonomy and who do not have a smartphone, a "helpers" feature has been created in this application: the carer is alerted by reminders and notifications from the taking medication and can intervene in case of forgetfulness. Caregivers can also manage all the functionalities for the person being helped and, for example, send their own follow-up reports to health professionals.

  • For lovers of homeopathy: OmeoMémo

Once the application has been downloaded, you enter the name and dosage of the medication prescribed by your doctor, or recommended by your pharmacist. Thanks to a method of autocomplete, it is easy to register the names of homeopathic medicines, whose spelling is sometimes difficult to remember … Then, a personalized schedule is created and an automatic alarm system allows you to choose how often you want to be notified of taking your medication.

  • For diabetics: DiabetoPartner

In the DiabetoPartner app, you can find practical information about your diabetes daily, a tracking book to better manage, reminders of taking medication and medical appointments, tracking your results analysis or blood sugar and advice around diet and physical activity. You can also scan, save and send your prescriptions to your pharmacist.


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