Matrix PowerWatch 2, the smart health connected watch with unlimited autonolie


In addition to endless autonomy, the PowerWatch 2 smart health connected watch manufactured by Matrix Industries has an impressive technical data sheet.

The device wants to seduce people tired of plugging their smartwatches to the area every three days. In fact, it is the successor of Matrix PowerWatch. The latter had already tried in 2016 to make us forget chargers and charging stations.

Matrix PowerWatch 2 connected watch

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 uses revolutionary technology

Like its predecessor, the Matrix PowerWatch 2 does without a traditional power supply in favor of the thermoelectricity. Behind this scientific term lies a very simple process.

Thus, the watch is able to convert the body heat of the user into electricity. However, the system is not yet powerful enough to offer optimal autonomy. This problem had already handicapped the PowerWatch of 2016.

To overcome this, Matrix has added solar energy mix of this second generation. A photovoltaic ring surrounds the screen of the smartwatch. By combining these two sources, the smart health connected watch should never fail.

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A list of endless features

While the 2016 version had an anemic data sheet, Matrix has learned the lesson for this PowerWatch 2, and delivers a device full of surprises. Among others, he embarks a GPS and one heart rate sensor, making it ideal for athletes.

The latter appear to be among the target audience of Matrix since the company provides automatic detection for the running, the cycling and the swimming. Users will benefit from these new capabilities after a future firmware update.

In addition, the water resistance improves considerably. The watch should survive a dive up to 200 m deep. Finally, the screen is now in color. Moreover, as the device detects heat from the body, it can measure very accurately the caloric expenditure.

Matrix PowerWatch 2 connected watch for cycling

Matrix PowerWatch 2, a very masculine design

Another difference between the Matrix PowerWatch 2 and the first generation: the design. Indeed, while the old version looked a little like a Garmin Fenix, the new has an even more masculine appearance with its screws and rivets.

From a more practical point of view, the device abandons the digital crown for a set to four buttons for control. Finally, the whole is 14 mm thick, 1 mm less than the previous one, while keeping the same weight.

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 is now available starting from 579 euros. However, there will be 679 euros for the Premium variant and 779 euros for the Deluxe. Whatever model you choose, you will be able to download the brand new iOS and Android app compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health.

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