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Luba is an application for iOS that is going turn your smartphone into a beautiful stethoscope.

This is the first application launched by Copernicius, a young company that has embarked on the development of medical applications for smartphones and tablets. Luba will allow you to listen, record and analyze a person's heartbeat by using the microphone of your earpods.


It was enough to think about it. To use this electronic stethoscope, you must place the microphone in the palm of your hand to minimize the ambient noise and optimize the sound recording and its interpretation. If the sound is not optimal, the application offers a sound equalizer that improves the recording playing on the high frequencies, the averages and the basses and on the possible gain.

Luba offers two modes. A guided mode and a free mode. In the first case, the application is a pedagogy and shows you the different areas to be examined. In the free mode, you can see what you want.

Recordings made with Luba can be stored and then listened to later. They can even be shared on social networks (do not ask me why).

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The creators of Luba were of course careful to remember that the application is not a medical device in its own right but rather a tool for educational purposes. Still, we can see the potential in telemedicine for example of this type of applications.

Link: Luba


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