Light therapy and sleep monitoring, Beurer takes care of you


The Beurer brand, a specialist in health and well-being, has just announced the release of three new products intended for individuals. They monitoring sleep, wake you up in light, or use light therapy.

The SE 80 SleepExpert sleep sensor was developed in collaboration with the American company EarlySense. It is a disc to be placed under the mattress and which contains sensors in order to measure and provide maximum data to the SleepExpert application on smartphone or touch pad with which it is linked. It can thus allow the analysis of the sleep habits of the user. Note that it is also possible to record the duration before falling asleep, the frequency of waking up during the night and the total duration of sleep. But that's not all. Indeed, the device is capable of recording the heart rate, the respiratory rate and the possible sleep apneas.

The Beurer SE 80 SleepExpert sleep sensor is available for € 200.

If you're having trouble waking up, the WL 90 wake up light can help. It also functions as a mood light, reading light and music station. To wake up, the device gradually increases the scattered light, thus offering a natural alarm clock. For the evening, the device offers a simulation of the sunset. It can be controlled via an application on a smartphone called LightUp, from where the user can start playing music and choose the light moods using predefined colors.

The WL 90 Beurer alarm light is available for around € 160.

Finally, Beurer also offers a daylight lamp. Light therapy center, the TL 100 can be placed almost anywhere in the house. Via the LightUp application, it follows the recommendations of its user who chooses the atmosphere in which he wishes to be.
The Beurer TL 200 daylight lamp is available for around € 200.



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