In the United Kingdom, watches (smart health connected or not) could be banned in exam rooms


For a supervisor, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a classic watch and a smart health connected watch (with which one can easily cheat on exams).

In the United Kingdom, we are seriously considering banning all watches in the examination rooms. If smartwatches are already banned, a survey conducted by the Independent Commission on Examination Malpractice, charged with studying new techniques to cheat during exams, concludes that the best would be to ban all watches, whether they are smart health connected or no.

Indeed, it would be difficult for the supervisors in the examination rooms to distinguish between a classic watch and a smart health connected watch that can go on the web. "It may look like a watch showing the time and, in fact, you press a button to make it an e-mail watch. If you do not ban all of them, I think you're putting a lot of hard work on the supervisors who inspect an examination room. So, I think the obvious thing to do here is to ban watches, "says Sir John Dunford, chairman of the commission.

The recommendations published by this commission have not been taken lightly. Indeed, in a statement, Ofqual, the UK body that regulates examinations, says it will work with other stakeholders to implement these recommendations. Thus, as early as next year, the UK could ban all watches in the examination room.

Of course, this is not the only recommendation to fight fraud. For example, the commission also advises to monitor the dark web to check if exam topics are not put on sale.



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