IFA 2019 – Walabot health home, a smart health connected fall detector that goes to the wall. –


The American company Walabot offers on the occasion of the IFA its fall wall detector. A device that can prevent a loved one by phone during a fall of a person in a room and whose name is Walabot health home.

Not always obvious when we have elderly or frail people in the family to be constantly reassured. Especially if this person is subject to falls or discomfort. If fall detectors exist on the market, often these are in the form of a bracelet or a device to put around the neck as a necklace.

Walabot health home, a less restrictive solution.

Therefore, it is enough that the bracelet is forgotten on the dresser or that the necklace is not around the neck so that it is inefficient. Walabot health home brings a new solution with its fall detector.

Indeed, the peculiarity of this device is that it is not worn on the person, but is fixed on the wall in the house.

Thus, the device scans the room and makes sure to detect any movement. The device is able to detect the fall of a person. Equipped with a 4-inch LED screen, in case of fall the Walabot health home is triggered.

It is then possible for the person, once they have recovered, to deactivate the alarm.

A call to a smartphone.

However, if the person does not wake up or turn off the alarm, the product will make a call to the number that you have encoded. Once the person receives the call, they are able to communicate with the person in the room of the detector. In the manner of a telephone conversation, it is then possible for the person who has fallen to communicate with his interlocutor either to reassure him or to ask him to help and feel reassured herself.

If for the moment the Mark is best known in the US, the brand announces to IFA its willingness to attack the European market. No doubt this product could seduce. It is currently marketed at a price of $ 100



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