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Hormonal supplementation can cause controversy such as the use of DHEA, growth hormone or melatonin.


Growth hormone (= GH for Growth Hormone = STH for somatotropin), dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), pregnenolone (“preg”), thymulin, melatonin, thyroid hormones, are all organic molecules naturally present in our body, but whose rate decreases during aging. Some believe that aging could, at least in part, be assimilated to a set of symptoms due to a deficiency in one and/or the other of these hormones. Hormonal deficiencies are also frequently manifested by signs of premature aging such as osteoporosis, alteration of the skin and hair, fat gain, etc. As it is desirable to do in the presence of any deficiency, it would therefore suffice to bring to our body what it lacks to see the troublesome disorders regress.

The two main objectives sought by this supplementation are, on the one hand, to delay the appearance or to fight the signs of aging, and on the other hand, to prolong longevity: in other words, to live longer and in better physical shape. and intellectual.

If, in the USA, these hormones can be obtained easily and legally, this is not the case in France because their marketing requires a good knowledge of the effects, the effective doses and the possibly toxic doses, which requires long and costly studies.

Another concern is that some hormone supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration but are sold as nutritional supplements. This is why the laws governing their production and sale are not as strict as the laws concerning drugs. For example, manufacturers of DHEA and melatonin are not required to label their bottles with important health information.

Top 3 the best anti-aging supplements

Alive By Science

Restore NAD+ to Supercharge Your Cells and Rejuvenate Your Entire Body with ALIVE BY SCIENCE – Bioavailable NAD+ Boosters. ALIVE BY SCIENCE consults with a wide range of research and clinical doctors to grasp the newest research and combine it with input from tens of thousands of consumers on their forum and Facebook group as the industry leader and largest maker of NAD+ products.

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Tru Niagen

Age is Just a Number with Tru Niagen®

Tru Niagen is nicotinamide riboside , a unique type of vitamin B3. Niagen is a NAD+ precursor that acts as a building block for the production of NAD+ in your body. This is significant because NAD+ is an essential coenzyme for cellular health; yet, NAD+ levels fall with aging and other physiological stressors including poor food, alcohol, lack of sleep, or too little or too much activity. Tru Niagen has been clinically demonstrated to aid in the increase of NAD+ in the body. Niagen is the first and only patented and FDA-approved nicotinamide riboside product.

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Life Extension GEROPROTECT® Stem Cell

GeroProtect maintains the stem cell balance for optimum cell health, and longevity. Stem cells help rejuvenate your body by transforming into tissue-specific cells. This anti aging formula uses piceatannol from passion fruit, trans-resveratrol and garcinol from kokum fruit.

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