GPS watch with heart rate monitoring Epson SF-810 Runsense is available


Announced and presented at the last IFA 2014 fair in Berlin in early September, the new Epson SF-810 watch is now available in stores.

Incorporating a GPS, several sensors and an optical system for measuring heart rate, it is designed to accompany joggers and other sportsmen in their activities.

Do not call it smart health connected watch but sports monitoring, please. Indeed, even if the device is worn on the wrist and gives the time, Epson has decided to offer the Runsense SF-810 sports monitoring on the market. Currently available in stores, it allows runners to get rid of heart belts since it incorporates a heart rate sensor. In addition, it also incorporates a GPS. In the event of a signal loss, the system creates the missing data to continue providing the distance and pace measurements.

The Epson SF-810 is also suitable for outdoor and indoor sports. It can perform up to 35 different measurements: elapsed time, distance, pace, turns, splitting, speed, calories burned, etc.

Epson announces a range of up to 20 hours with the GPS and heart rate monitoring enabled. For comparison, the TomTom Cardio watch has an autonomy of about 8 hours with these activated sensors.
It is possible to interface the watch results with a Run Connect application via Bluetooth to download and review the data.

The Epson SF-810 sports monitoring watch is available for approximately € 350.

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