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Terraillon is launching a new smart health connected impedance meter: the R-Link. The thinnest smart health connected scale on the market, it analyzes the weight, body composition and calculates the BMI of its user. It works in tandem with the Wellness Coach app, which allows long-term weight monitoring.

Mark : Terraillon
Category: smart health connected scale
Connectivity: Bluetooth smart
Compatibility: iOS / Android
Price: € 99.99
Availability: Available
Tested with: Samsung galaxy s5
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The packaging of the Terraillon R-Link is well made and relatively sober. On the front of the box, an image of the product, its name and its main characteristics: wireless connectivity, hyperfine balance, calculation of the BMI (and different body masses) and pairable with 8 smartphones.

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot

The cardboard is thick and resistant. A comfortable, fabric handle allows transport the scale simply. It is a pleasant asset, which facilitates the transport of this rather heavy scale.

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot

Once the four round scotches have been removed from the edges of the box and the cover removed, we can see the R-Link scale, still slightly hidden behind a concise user manual. The latter details the ignition and pairing of the balance. It’s simple, just remove a tab at the batteries,install the Wellness Health app on your smartphone and pairing by pressing a button on the back of the machine for 5 seconds.

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot

In addition to the scale, coated with a protective plastic, and the explanatory diagram, the box of the Terraillon smart health connected scale accommodates a detailed user guide, and that’s all.

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot

Use of the Terraillon smart health connected scale

The R-Link scale offers an analysis of your body composition : it gives fat and water mass as well as muscle and bone mass. It can display the various information on the screen (it can store 10 for each of the 8 registerable users) or send them to the smartphones of the users concerned. Obviously, you have to stand on the scale to see your information displayed.

On the screen, the various data are displayed accompanied by a symbol (a wavelet for water mass, a bone for bone mass, etc.). Please note, to take advantage of an analysis of body composition, don’t forget to take off your socks, otherwise, only body mass is shown.

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot

To receive data on the application, it must be synchronized via the phone after weighing. Unlike its direct competitor, the Withings Body Cardio, the R-Link does not distinguish between the different user profiles when they sit down at the weigh-in. It is not equipped with Wifi either, which prevents immediate and automatic data synchronization.


Terraillon’s application, Wellness Coach, is rated 1.9 on the Google Play Store, and receives numerous negative feedback, in particular concerning perfectible stability and operation. Some users who cannot connect to their Terraillon device, others who cannot synchronize their data, or who see the application regularly crash, or even no longer open at all.

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot

To these comments, Terraillon always responds the same thing: you have to close the application and delete the data in the phone settings. This is proof of a real problem in the design of the application, which the brand seems to have taken into account, without settling it definitively, at least for now.

That aside, Wellness Coach fulfills its function. She allows to retrieve data from the scale and other smart health connected health products in order to centralize them. It must first be initialized by entering its height, current weight and waist size. Then, on the dashboard, it displays the current weight of the user and a curve of his evolution. Then come the BMI (as well as a diagram to assess its positioning), then the different body masses and a target weight.

Once started, the application is rather simple, but too many design issues clearly position it below the competition.

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot

Design & ergonomics

The Terraillon R-Link is the thinnest smart health connected scale in the world, with a height of 12.5 mm. The four feet are directly integrated into the platform, which allows this small size. The scale is well designed, pretty, and the materials (glass and metal on the front, plastic on the back) seem of good quality. It is a well finished product.

Only black spots: the face keeps fingerprints (and, consequently, of feet), but less than the glass tops of the competition. And the Bluetooth pairing button is on the back of the scale. It is not very ergonomic, because you have to lift the R-Link to connect your smartphone …

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot

The R-Link against the competition

At the price of 99.99 €, the price of the Terraillon R-Link is in the middle of the competition. However, compared for example to the Withings Body Cardio, it has fewer features: user detection or data synchronization is not automatic, for example, and blood pressure analysis is not part of the scale’s functions. Terraillon. This is the price to pay, surely, when you buy the product at 50 euros less.

However, the measures it offers remain largely complete and precise. Where Terraillon is losing ground against its competitors, it is obviously in terms of application. Its design is not up to par and somewhat spoils the user experience. Especially since Terraillon products can only be synchronized with this application, and no other.

In terms of hardware, the R-Link clearly outweighs the competition. Unfortunately, it won’t stand out until the Wellness Coach app has been seriously updated.

connected scale terraillon r-link test iot


The Terraillon R-Link is a well made, nicely designed and slim smart health connected impedance meter; its quality materials are well assembled. It fully fulfills its function, providing a lot of information on the weight and body composition of whoever sits on it.

Its application provides all the information and displays it clearly, but it is not well enough finished to add value to the product. Worse still, the application deteriorates the user experience with its many bugs and crashes. It remains to be hoped for a rapid and complete update of the application to be able to take full advantage, with family or not, of this pleasant scale.

Good points :

  • Well finished product
  • Finesse

Negative points :

  • Unstable application
  • A little heavy
  • Poorly placed pairing button

Packaging – 7

Use – 6

Application – 3

Design & Ergonomics – 6

User Rating:

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