gold and silver models available in the USA


This is not the new version of the pokémon, but a new design for the famous smart health connected watch from Motorola which is finally available in the United States.

The Moto 360 is an Android Wear smart health connected watch that was, until the arrival of LG G Watch R, the best watch on the market. From now on, the two models are in frontal competition with their round dial. To differentiate itself, Motorola is releasing new designs for its smartwatch. We had already presented to you these two models of bracelets in a previous article, and the Americans can finally get them.

These two new models are, for the moment, only available on the brand's official website and these bracelets, called "champagne gold" and slim metal, cost $ 30 more than the classic versions made of metal or leather. Motorola has the merit of offering options to its customers, while waiting for version 2 of the Moto 360, which rumors are starting to evoke. We will obviously keep you informed of the release of these new bracelets as soon as they arrive in France.

motorcycle 360 ​​gold
The “Champagne Gold” model



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