Garmin adds tracking of menstrual cycles to his wearables


Good news for women adept Garmin wearables. The American company has just proposed a menstrual cycle monitoring feature that could simplify their lives.

New technologies are often accused of suffering from a certain sexist bias, of being made by men, for men. However, Garmin makes the difference with an improvement for women.

Garmin followed menstrual cycle

Garmin: a follow-up of menstrual cycles on his devices

Women have relied in recent years on the use of applications on their smartphones to follow their rules or their ovulation period. Garmin now brings this idea of ​​personalized tracking on connected plotters and watches. Women will be able to indicate their symptoms, follow their menstrual cycles. Garmin Connect, the connected app provides access to new information. Not sure they interest everyone but it's an interesting bonus. Here are some examples given by the American manufacturer:

  • Paula Radcliffe, marathon record in 2002 when she had her period.
  • Your strong need for protein, lentils or seeds are then ideal.
  • The ability to do more intense sport during the first two weeks.

Garmin is just expanding its range with new, smaller products that could reach a female audience. According to their market studies, women prefer more discreet models, which take up less space on the wrist. The menstrual cycle tracking app will be updated within a week. A widget will be available on the Forerunner 645 Music, vívoactive 3 and the Fenix ​​5 Plus series. Garmin, however, is not the first company to enter the field, Fitbit had jumped at first.

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