France affected by leakage of health data


"These publicly accessible databases included data from millions of medical patients and employees around the world", pointed out cyberveille-health.

These open access data include medical prescriptions, medical observations, laboratory visits, social security numbers, full names, patient addresses and phone numbers, information about employees, and information about patients. medical research.

No password or authentication system was needed to access this information. Canada, the United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, China and France are concerned by this security gap.

"In total, about 60 gigabytes (GB) of data, or about 26,400,000 documents, were available on the internet." Some ransomware messages suggest that some of the data has already been stolen by attackers and taken hostage pending payment of ransom, "he said.

France would be concerned by a leak of 5.7 GB of data, ie nearly 1,500 documents. The most affected country is China with 43 GB of health data in the wild, about 24 million documents.


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