Fossil unveils Hybrid HR, its new hybrid smart health watch with hands and e-ink screen


Fossil has just unveiled its first hybrid smartwatch that combines the best of both worlds: a classic needle design and an always-on display.

Credits: Fossil

The American prop Fossil already made analog watches, but also watches with a touch of connectivity and smart health connected watches, but this is the first time the manufacturer has launched a hybrid watch, which combines the best of both worlds. This new model is the Hybrid HR, a round needle watch all that is more classic with a screen in its center. The particularity is that this screen stays on permanently without exhausting the battery of the device, since it works with digital ink technology – or e-ink – which is also found on electronic reading lights. This allows the watch to display a comfortable range of at least two weeks, according to the manufacturer.

With the Hybrid HR, you can enjoy a watch with a classic and elegant design, without compromising on the functionalities of smart health connected watches, such as the ability to receive notifications, a preview of its messages or weather forecasts. The Hybrid HR also has a heart rate sensor that allows it to offer sleep analysis and daytime physical activity, including steps, calories burned, and minutes of activity. And Qhe said Fossil, says personalization. Like the other models of the brand, the Hybrid HR is available in several variants and has a varied choice of silicone, leather or stainless steel bracelets. The Fossil Hybrid HR is available now on the site from the manufacturer from 199 euros.



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