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flow is a connected e-health object that will allow you to control the quality of the air you breathe in your office as well as in your home or outside. Flow is a connected sensor of air quality.

There is no point here in recalling this worrying problem of pollution and air quality. Respiratory diseases have been expanding for several years. Pollution surrounds us pernicious and invisible. Flow will allow you to take the measure and try to improve your daily life.

Flow comes in the form of a small, easy-to-carry cube. it is equipped with a sort of strap key way to possibly hang on a backpack for example. Flow connects to a dedicated application on your smartphone but has a built-in button that instantly tells you about the air quality without having to go through the app.

Flow can measure in real time four types of pollutants:

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<p>A light diode on the small object allows you to instantly know your personal exposure. Great.</p>
<p><strong>The other great idea of ​​Flow designers is to have paired these measurements with a system of collaborative sharing of measurements by all the users of the sensor.</strong> You have access to a community that maps the air in your city around you. So you can change your routines and daily routines to less polluted areas.</p>
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You will even receive personalized alerts and recommendations to avoid pollution. Convenient.

For its launch Flow will be available in several countries including France. You can pre-order it at a price of 139 Eur instead of 199 Eur its final selling price. Delivery expected in June 2018 at the latest.

Link: flow


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