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Fitbit Aria 2 is a smart wifi balance that will allow you to control and track your weight through a series of precise and comprehensive measurements that you will be able to record on your smartphone.

This new smart health connected object offered by Fitbit will help you to capture, track and monitor much more than your weight. The Aria 2 goes in addition to your weight, record your body fat percentage, your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your lean body mass. All of its results synchronize with the Fitbit app on your phone which will allow you to see all your statistics, your progress and your results.


Very fine measures that can help you motivate you when you have made the decision to tackle these few extra pounds by adopting a healthier lifestyle. One of the causes of discouragement when attacking this type of goal lies in the fact that the changes which occur at the beginning of the diet are practically imperceptible. FitBit Aria 2 will offer detailed graphics that will encourage you to continue your efforts. For example, you can set a goal to reach and your balance will coach by encouraging you and congratulating you for each progress recorded.

FitBit App

Moreover, this scale and the application that comes with it work with Fitbit watches and bracelets for to help you better understand the impact of your physical activity on your weight.

The Fitbit Aria 2 recognizes up to 8 different users and has a rather elegant design that will easily find its place in any bathroom. It is available in two colors, black or white, with a polished glass surface for the best effect.

This new version of the Fitbit scale is pre-order on the manufacturer's website at a price of 130 EUR.

Link: FitBit Aria 2


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